Twenty bucks gets me 4# of 85/15, a nice flank steak, and a couple party packs of steaks. It’s all about being unafraid to say to the guy behind the meat counter “Hey, you wanna mark down some steaks for me?”. Already marked to 30% but if they don’t sell it by the end of today it’s a loss. So….half a loaf is better than none, as far as theyre concerned. As for me, it’s bargains like these that are keeping me from becoming a vegetarian.

Want some Pmags?

Weather is turning into summer out here. 85 degrees during the day and about 55-60 at night. I’m hoping to get out this weekend and try the DMR-build AR. We shall see. More than enything else, though, I’m gonna be standing in front of the grill with some tongs, a Coke, and a buncha dead cow happily sizzling away.

Pmags $10

My vendor dropped a bunch(!) of Gen2 Black Magpul AR Pmags on me the other day. I’m dumping most of them into the “Next Election This Becomes My Retirement Fund” stash. However, I still have couple hundred left over. If anyone wants, they’re $10 ea. Minimum order is 10. Shipping is $12.40 Priority Mail flat rate for as many as you want over ten.

Want 10? 10x$10 + $12.40. Want 15? $10×15 + $12.40? Want 37? 37x$10 + $12.40

You get the idea. Obviously the more you get, the less the per unit cost becomes as you spread the shipping over the quantity of mags.

Anyway, email me and lemme know. It”ll work just like the 10/22 mag deal.



For a while I’ve had a bit of an irrational urge to build up my version of a ‘Designated Marksman’-type rifle. Basically, an accurate AR that isn’t so trick you cant carry it afield, but not so spartan that you cant hit stuff out to several hundred yards (which, really, is about as good as the .223 is going to get in my opinion.)

For a number of years, I’ve had an IOR M2 scope sitting around here gathering dust. It has an illuminated reticle, BDC out to around 600 yards, very nice adjustments, steel tube, German glass, and is hell-for-stout. Have it sitting in ARMS QD rings. But…all dressed up and nowhere to go.

20170530_190128I found it in a pawn shop years ago for around $300. Having had very favorable experience with my IOR 10×56 scope, I figured this one would be a good scope to have for the money. It’s got a BDC calibrated for 62 gr., illuminated rangefinding reticle, and I just happen to have an ARMS QD mount sitting around. Now…what to put it on.

Also sitting around gathering dust are a stack of these:

20170530_190253No better time than the present. Again, these are purchases from years ago that have just been sitting around. A stripped lower (not to be confused with a low stripper) is fairly worthless without the innards…so:

20170530_190350Stag had a sale on these a year or two ago and I picked some up. I figured I could bide my time and wait for the sales to put together the parts I needed to cobble together a fun AR. Need a milspec buffer tube while I’m at it. Ordered these a month ago and Stag finally got the bloody things here today. Booooo Stag!

20170530_190155Ok, we have the lower put together. What do we put on top of it?

Stag had a bit of a sale a few weeks ago and they had an upper that looked very much like what I was after.Stag 15 DM-VRS-X Upper Half. On sale for $320. With bolt carrier group. And charging handle.  Ok, sure.

20170530_190559Alright, let’s grab a screwdriver, punch, and brass hammer and get this thing cobbled together.


“I call her ‘Vera’.” – J. Cobb

I  need to save my pennies and pick up a Magpul PRS stock, and a nice trigger. Once that’s done all I need is some quality brass and bullets and it’ll be time to play. But, I just put the A2 stock on there because I had one laying around and I really want to be able to go out to the range and play a bit.

Purpose? I have no idea. In my opinion, the .223 is a bit light for anything out past 400 yards or so…too light a bullet to buck the wind, and a bit light in the mass department. Sure, I don’t want to get hit with one but it’s not my first choice for shooting out there. No problem with it at intermediate ranges. I suppose this thing would shine for that situation where you want something you can use within normal conflict distance out to something a little longer range.

Realistically, though..this will most like be a range gun with some infrequent gopher shooting thrown in for practical challenge.’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

The barrel is a 1:9 20″. It’s what was available. A 1:7 would, I am told, be a better choice since it would be more optimal for the heavier 69-75 gr. bullets. Well. ya take what ya can get.

I’ve some Lapua .223 brass floating around, and about half a keg of Varget, so I’ll load up some Win 62 grainers and go break this thing in…if I ever have some free time.

Note that this isn’t really ‘building’ an AR15 any more than putting together an Ikea dresser is ‘building’ furniture. Any idiot can buy the off the shelf parts and assemble on of these…clearly, an idiot has. This kind of modularity is one of the AR-series great strengths. There’s enough aftermarket crap out there that you can tweak it into exactly what you want. As i said, all I’ve got left to do is a Magpul PRS stock and a trigger.

I’ll let you know how it shoots.



A lousy week made worse by my long-suffering Galaxy4 deciding to go tango uniform on me. The annoying part, other than the expense, is that I lost a bunch of archived text messages I was saving for sentimental reasons. And some really good porn. And here’s something that really annoyed me – the new phone is X dollars. But they add it to your phone bill over 24 months. I asked how much if I just wanna pay for the stupid thing right now? Then its 1.25X. In other words, if you wanna pay cash right there and buy the phone it is more expensive that letting them break it up over 24 months. Seriously? So I let them do it over 24 months but after six months of payments I can pay the stupid thing off in total at the lower price. Im just lucky they didn’t send the phone cops.


I ordered this up from an outfit called 0241Tactical. I’d been wanting a smock/anorak type of pullover in ATC-FG for a while and a review said that it seemed like a good piece of kit. Ordered it up on the 22nd of last month and am still patiently waiting.

Also ordered up a pair of simple, plainjane A2 AR stocks for a DMR project gun I’ve been tinkering with. Stag, whom I normally enjoy doing business with, has taken bloody near three weeks just to ship the damn things. Annoying.

All in all, a grumpy week.

On the other hand, our reporter-beating Republican candidate got elected, the weather is freaking gorgeous, and I started a new job this week. So..there’s that.

Still, I’m not ready to turn in my Cranky Old Man membership card just yet.

Still here

Just wrapped up in a few things…regularly scheduled brain droppings will occur over the weekend.

And, yes, our political race locally got interesting when the Republican candidate roughed up a reporter who let himself into a private meeting, pushed people aside, and confronted the candidate who, given the circumstances, did the reasonable thing.

Yes, I have the inside track. Yes, I know people in the candidates campaign.

Article – Court strikes down rule forcing toy drone users to register with govt

Five bundles of 10/22 mags left.

A D.C.-based appeals court struck down a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule on Friday requiring recreational drone users to register their model aircraft with the federal government, in a major win for drone hobbyists.

Any time the .gov is told it can’t force you to register something with them…well…I do my happy dance.

Drones have an amazing potential for misuse. But I am more concerned about government overreach than I am about someone strapping a pound of tovex to a drone and flying into city hall.

I’ve never played with drones, but I think that they also have some amazingly useful potential. Regardless, I’m gratified that .gov was smalcked down in this case.

Subsonic stuff

Still a few bundles left.
Well, in typical Montana fashion it dropped 2″ of snow the other day, and then today it was dang near 75 degrees. No point even trying to make sense of it…it’s Montana. Just roll with it.

Off to the range.

20170519_165345So I’ve been keeping track of what the supressed .22 likes and doesnt like. So far the best thing I’ve found has been Remington Subsonics. I’ve tried CCI Quiet, CB Longs, and American Eagle Suppresor…and they are positively anemic. In fact, the CCI Quiet didnt even make it to the backstop. I genuinely believe a steel ball bearing out of a slignshot would  have had a better trajectory.  When the thing finally does make it to the backstop, I measure for five-shot group.

20170519_172357Interestingly, just regular CCI ‘Standard’ velocity stuff does pretty well. But, so far, the nod goes to the Rem SS. I need to grab a few boxes of Eley and other premium .22 ammo and see how it performs. But, thus far, it looks like at some point I’m going to want to lay in a few cases of the Rem.

TV bugout bags

Every so often I watch “Parks and Recreation” simply because I really like the character of Ron Swanson. Another reason I like him: he has a bugout bag hidden in city hall so he can leave his office in a hurry if he has to.

While I admire the creativity, I’m not a huge fan of that sort of “hiding in plain sight”. But, sometimes there’s just no other way.

After 9/11 there were more than a few people in NYC who realized that once the bridges and tunnels are closed for security reasons you pretty much are on foot if you wanna get off that island. I know people who stashed mountain bikes (especially the folding variety) in the storage closet of their law firm’s office and that sort of thing. And more than a few office drones have a small daypack with comfortable shoes, water, and other necessities.

Anyway, I always enjoy it when certain preparedness standbys make an appearance on shows I enjoy. Case in point:

Movie – The Survivalist

Mags, mags, mags………
Someone brought this to my attention in email. Apparently yet another movie with the name “The Survivalist”. It seemes to harken more to a Cormac McCarthy sort of apocalypse rather than a jerry Ahern type. I am always amused by UK end-of-the-world films…mostly because their version of the apocalypse has the double-barreled shotgun as the pinnacle of firepower. American end-of-the-world dramas usually carry a tad more firepower.

These sorts of movies come and go pretty quickly…fortunately, Wikipedia, as it turns out, has a category “List of apocalyptic films“. hows that for convenience? As I was reading the synopsis for many of them I noticed a couple interesting trends – in a large percentage of these sorts of thing, the savvy survivalist type invariably gets killed and the unprepared noob winds up living happily ever after, the women often are rescued at the expense of the men’s lives, and no one *ever* gives credit to the survivalist dude for planning ahead. instead, the survivalist is always portrayed as ‘out there’ or ‘crazy’.

But, if you’re bored some evening this week, and Netflix or Amazon Prime isn’t down because of a ransomware attack, you’ve now got some viewing to look forward to.