Being Commander Zero is not all sunshine and stun grenades…there are a zillion mundane things to work on as well as the more exciting stuff. You never say Mad Max worrying about toilet paper or toothpaste, didja? Well, there ya go. But someone has to take these things into consideration…bad hygiene can lead to some serious problems in TEOTWAWKI, including but not limited to cholera, typhoid, and dysentary.

SO, one of the things we’re working on today is toiletries. The PACE plan calls for four levels of redundancy. (Primary, Auxiallary, Contingency, Extra) If things get ugly, the plan is to have enough gear and equipment to completely accomodate at least one extra LMI. To this end, one of the things being put together is a toiletry kit to make life a bit easier (and better smelling) for all concerened. Each kit contains: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, washcloth, shampoo, razors, shaving cream, comb, deoderant, toilet paper, tissues and ac ouple other sundry items. Each kit fits in a 6×6 cardboard carton and there are five cartons packed away in the bunker.

When things get ugly, it is hoped that brother will manage to make it to the relative safety of out here and I need to be able to accomodate him and his family. Hence, these extra goodies. Of course, he’ll bring some of his own gear along as well, but you have to be prepared in case all he can get away with is the clothes on his back.

Bank run

Chinese run on NY and Philly banks.

Okay, they barely speak English so the concept of FDIC insurance probably makes no sense to them. Okay. It only takes a *rumour* that a bank is insolvent for all the depositors to come clamoring for their money back…and just like “Its A Wonderful Life”, the bank isnto going to ahve anywhere near the money thats actually been deposited. So the banks may restrict withdrawls or even close for the day..and then the rumors really start flying and a slef-fulfilling prophecy starts – the bank *does* become insolvent..at least until the .gov steps in.

Moral? Me and the LMI’s keep four different types of ‘money’:
Money in the bank (and bonds, CD’s, etc) for when things seem to be working
Cash for when things get a bit uneven or theres a short-term emergency
Gold/Silver in case things tank in a big way. Honored all over the planet.
Trade goods in case the wheels really fly off in a big way. When people are far more interested in a box of 9mm hloowpoints than they are in a 1 oz. Eagle, you’ll have landed in the world of Mad Max, The Omega Man and most of eastern Europe.


Typical…the Chinese covered up the true number of infected people so instead of 70, its closer to 700. Insignificant in a country of over a billion people except you know that there are all sortsa outlying provinces that are probably ridden with this thing….

And now its in Canada, which, given the propensity of illegal aliens from China, means its gonna be here in the US soon.

Five percent fatal, 10-20% require mechanical breathing assistance, according to the CDC….this is going to be interesting to watch. Why couldnt it happen to some nice, pleasant country like North Korea?

Guess I’ll pick up a couple extra gallons of bleach and disinfectant from Costco and add them to the supply in the bunker.

Intial entry..

You know, on the one hand, I cant help but feel a bit of pride at the incredible weaponry and technology the military brings to bear in Iraq…and then, on the other hand, I think “Geez, how am I gonna fight that?” if they ever bring it to bear against me.

Guess I’ll have to study my principles of anti-armor warfare a bit more thoroughly.

‘Course, it helps to have the retreat located in someplace not terribly conducive to armored vehicles….