,Rawles has a brief mention today about toilet paper that begs the question – what exactly is a years supply?

Obviously, there are a few factors to take into account – gender and appreciation of Mexican food.

But seriously……..

When I was living solo, I could buy a package of 36-rolls ( 425-sheet, two-ply) and have them last somewhere between two and three years. Now that I have a female living with me, that time span is shortened considerably. However, toilet paper is one of the few preparedness items you can buy that is cheap, lasts forever, has very few acceptable substitutes, and is found everywhere. I usually just stack it on a shelf in the bathroom. (I just counted…39 rolls in the bathroom, another twenty or so in the bunker.)

How much to stock? Up to you, man. Like ammo, you cant really have too much. It has other uses (blowing your nose, cleaning your glasses, etc, etc) and if youve ever run out of the stuff when your eally needed it you know that its got a good bit of trade value. Really, the only limiting factor is storage space…and you can get pretty creative in that regard. Better too much than too little.

Obviously, the big storage hazard is from water and rodents (who like chewing the stuff up and nesting in it). A large Rubbermaid tub or other container solves all the problems nicely.

Its worth pointing out that some chicks have issues with scented or colored toilet paper so plain institutional white TP seems to be the ‘universal’ model that should be stocked.

While it is true that there are substitutions I can all but guarantee you that given the choice between TP, phone books, corn cobs, leaves, re-used rags and your bare hands, the roll of Charmin is going to be the winner every time. Yes, be aware of the substitutes and even tryt hem out if you want a sneak preview of the apocalypse but definitely spend another $15 and get yourself a couple dozen rolls of toilet paper.

While we’re on the subject….when your bathroom roll gets down to about 1/2 or 1/3 pull it and replace it with a new one. Squash the smaller 1/3 roll flat, stick it in a ziplcok baggie and use it on your camping trips. Most camping trips are short enough to not need the bulkier ‘new’ roll. Waterproofing it in he baggie is a no-brainer.

If you want more compact ‘high speed, low drag’ you can get a couple pocket size packages of Kleenex or babywipes. Either will probably last you for two or three days, take up minimal space, and are easier to carry than an equivalent amount of TP.

Finally, a little hand sanitizer or bleach wipes are handy when in the field for washing your hands after answering Mom Nature’s call. Cholera, typhoid and dysentary ain’t gonna be much fun when TEOTWAWKI rolls around so a few precautions make sense.

AK mag sale, e. German canteens in bulk

Couple of quick notes on gear/surplus:

CDNN has Soviet 30-rd AK mags on sale @ $7.99

And for a decent deal on surplus canteens (New) theres this at Sportsmans Guide.

The canteens seem like a fun buy. For a buck each they’ll make nice little giveaways for a few of the LMI, spares to keep on hand for third- or fourth-level guests during the apocalypse, ‘disposable’ gear for emergency packs, etc. C’,pm, man, theyre a buck a throw!


One constant about this interest of ours…

There will always, always, always be someone better prepared and worse prepared than you.

I’m not a slouch in the preparedness department, but I know firsthand several people who are far more prepared than I. While I don’t think anyone ever feels they are prepared as much as they like, I think there are points when we feel we are prepared enough.

Some folks prepare for World War III (or IV, if you prefer), others for that whole ‘Tribulation’ nonsense, others against natural disasters and still more people prepare against some sort of Bird-flu-infected-asteroid-crashing-into-a-nuclear-plant-awakening-Godzilla-who-summons-aliens-etc. Certainly the amount of preparation for one scenario may or may not be enough for the other. However, if youre pretty confident that the event youre preparing for is, say, a hurricane, then it seems a little silly to get upset because you feel youre not, and never will be, as prepared as the guy stockpiling against a Chinese invasion.

I am the first guy to admit that you are far more likely to be inconvenienced by a hurricane or earthquake than you are by North Korea dropping the bomb on your state. Part of preparedness is evaluating the risks and threats to your safety and planning accordingly; the likely risks are given higher priority over the less likely.Some risks are so unlikely we either ignore them entirely or prepare for them as an ‘extra credit assignment’ when we have a few extra bucks or are feeling particularly cautious.

Preparedness (generally) is not about relativity. Your level of preparedness isn’t determined by comparing yourself to other people. Your level of preparedness is determined by comparing your present to your past.

I don’t make fun of the guys who stockpile seven years of food against some biblical period of hardship. Why? Because when something more likely, such as a flood, earthquake or depression occurs those people will still be prepared to deal with it. So, more power to ‘em. I also don’t make fun of guys whose levels of preparation are small or less than my own. Why? Because at least they are doing something and taking responsibility for their safety. The ones I make fun of are the folks who don’t prepare at all or who make fun of those who do prepare.

In a nutshell: its not a competition and it isn’t some sort of clique where if you don’t have five M4geries and a 500 gallon fuel tank in your basement youre some kind of wimp and not one of The Cool Crowd.. The only person you need to compare yourself to in terms of preparedness is the person you were a week, a month, a year ago.

Glock armorer = girlfriend

The girlfriend has returned from her Glock armorers course with abuncha swag, a very nice book, some misc. accessories and a certificate of,well, certification, I guess.

She did learn one thing that surprised even me – how to tell the difference between pre-ban (pre-1994) and post ban (after 2004) magazines. This is important because many places still have this evil ban in effect and it would be very tempting to take recently made mags, which lack the ‘law enforcement only’ markings and claim they are from before the ban. Well, here’s the deal, as related to me by the girlfriend –

Pre-ban mags had the caliber marking stamped on the back of the mag between the top of the witness holes and the ‘U’ shaped cut out at the top of the mag
During-ban mags had the caliber markings moved up higher to accomodate the ‘LEO/mil’ warning that was stamped on themag
Post-ban mags keep the caliber marking in the same location but it is no longer centered between the witness holes and the top of the mag. Basically, its in the same location as it was during the ban but the warning text was removed, leaving a larger space under the caliber.

If your mag has no caliber markings it is an ancient magazine that was from when Glocks only came in one flavor, and is definitely pre-ban (and isnt drop-freee either).

So before you buy a stack of recently mafe Glock mags figuring the cops won’t know the difference…..(Well, most probably won’t and have better things to do than go after people for these types of things. But some dont and will be happy to cause you grief.)

Lotsa interesting stuff was taught, it seems.

CZ .308 goal achieved

Took the CZ out for a spin the other day. I’ve become way too dependent on sandbags. Since we had no bags, I just shot off the bipod and rested my elbow and the riffles buttstock on my backpack. My groups at 100 yards were about 1″-1.25″. Craptacular. And, highly embarassing since I was at the range with a buddy of accomplished 1,000-yard shooter. “I know I can shoot better than this!”, I kept saying defensively. Down to my last five rounds I took a deep breath and stopped taking so long to make each shot. Concentrated, tried not to overthink things and boom,boom,boom,boom,boom. Buddy went downrange to retrieve target while I packed up our gear. Good thing he retrieved the target and not me, that way he’s a perfect witness that I didnt just run down there and poke the holes in the thing myself.

All five shots touching forming a ragged hole. And, this is the big one kids!, I can just cover the entire five-shot group with a quarter.Pictures later to be posted in the guns community.

Details? The usual load of Varget, in Lapua cases (neck sized) with a CCI BR primer and Hornady AMax 168 gr.

Dude! Covered. With. A. Quarter.

And thats with a basic 3×9 scope too! A bit more magnification and it will be teh aW3s0m3.

Gun Show

The girlfriend is now into me for twnetyfive bucks to replace the shotgun slugs she took to her competition today. I hit the Hamilton gun show and found some lovely 50-round boxes (5×10) of Federal Tactical slugs (thats #LE127 RS for you folks keeping track…HydraShock-y goodness!)

Also picked up a brand new , never-been-used set of Dillon .308 carbide reloading dies for $50. Just the thing now that I have the Super1050 sitting on the bench. Time to feed the FAL.

And finally picked up a few ‘raindrop camo’ surplkus Russian-type AK mag pouches.

Things I saw that I wanted:
A couple thumbhole stock Arsenal AK’s for $500
South African battlepack .308
A couple nice HiPowers

Im lucky I escaped with spending only $87



I picked up a cheap old Radio Shack scanner today for about $30. The reason I needed one was that my AN/TRC-3A seismic intrusion detectors (the wireless ones…I have both kinds – wired and wireless) didnt come with the receiver for the frequency they operate on.

The scanner, however, picks up that freq. juuuuuuuuuust fine. So, I threw some 9v batteries in my ‘#4’ unit and set it on the floor, turned up the sensitivitiy, walked into the kitchen, turned on the scanner and tapped my foot on the floor a few times.. beepbeepbeepbeep. Ah….four beeps, indicating that something has tripped sensor #4.

Setting it up in the yard and adjusting the sensitivity it would go off whenever a vehicle went by on the road about 20 yards away.

Handy devices.

What do I need them for? Well, for one thing, theyre darn handy if youre going camping or hiking and want to know if anyones mucking with your stuff while youre away. I’m sure you can figure out the other useful applications.

Where do you get such fine defensive technology? Why, eBay, of course!