MH order made, SpecOps arrival

Okay, made the call. The ball is in play. Should be shipped Friday and arrive here within a week. After that its repackage and re-send.

As an aside, this purchase went much much smoother than the last one. Setting up a webpage and PayPal shopping cart made all the difference. In fact, it dropped thestress level so much that the next group buy might be a little different. I may be able to simply alter the webpage to offer cases as well as ‘singles’. Get one #10 can instead of having to order a case of six, etc, etc. We’ll see. That won’t be until late spring which is, to my way of thinking, end of May/June. Anyway, when stuff gets here I’ll let everyone know. Thaks for participating.
The replacement MOUT magazine carrier and harness arrived from SpecOps. Its neat. I need to take it to the range and wring it out, but cant argue with the customer service!

Civil War II: The Coming Brakeup Of America – avail. online

Via merccom: Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America is available for download on the internet.

I read it when it first came out. Its definitely a button-pusher on racial issues but some of the things it foretold have come to pass. An interesting read if nothing else. Grab it before its free hosting goes down.

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Not to come off as a spammer, but… this Wednesday is the last day to get in on the Mountain House pouch order. After that, the next opportunity will be a #10 can buy around June. Heres the original post with link if anyone is interested. Unlike the #10 cans, these pouches are practical for shorter term emergencies (although rated shelf life is 7+ years) and are great for camping, hunting, vehicle kits, three-day bags and other applications.
Found this little jewel while cruising the website. Theres a write-up about them here. They do mention that there is a quantity discount available so perhaps if theres enough interest a group purchase may be in order.
Clinton vs. Obama, Obama vs. Clinton, and who knows who else wants to get in on the action. Even if Im 110% wrong about the Democrats and their gun control agendas in the coming elections (what are the odds, hm?) do you really think you’ll regret having stocked up on mags and other related materials? Of course not. So, really, skip eating out this week and buy some magazines and ammo. If you’ve got a decent paying job and haven’t wiped out your Christmas bonus yet, pick up some AR lowers.
I’ve been wearing the Wilderness Instructors belt for a month now and must say that as a gunbelt I’m pleased with it. I’d replaced my DeSantis gunbelt after almost twenty years of daily use with another DeSantis, but I’d been wanting the Wilderness belt for a while now. I like the ‘infinite adjustment’ provide by the Velcro closure and, although this is totally irrelevant, it looks really good. The ability to use it to ‘tie in’ for certain applications (which I’ll probably never do) has some appeal but overall it’s a good piece of gear. I hope I get 20 years use out of it. By the by, it was a Chrismahanakwanzakah gift from the always thoughtful girlfriend.
The more I read about them the more I think I want to try on of the new gas-piston AR uppers. I’d love to get my hands on an HK416 upper but I would imagine those are big money when you can find one. Anyone have any experience with any of the other AR uppers out there?
Speaking of boomsticks, it appears Savage has reintroduced their Scout rifle, now with AccuTrigger. $432 dealer cost. I dunno, I’d be tempted but I think the Ruger version might be the better value in terms of workmanship and durability. I’ve heard that the Savage’s had issues with detachable magazines not fitting the guns properly. Usually the mag(s) that came with the gun were fine but if you ordered spares they often didn’t fit without some modification.

SpecOps customer service

Hmmm…While I wasnt hugely impressed with the SpecOps bag I got the other day, I am extremely impressed with their customer service.

Wandered through the local surplus store and found the pouch assembly for their ‘MOUT’ platform. $20. I thought that even if the harness was missing twnety bucks was good for a handy way to carry 8 mags. Got home and saw that a new MOUT is about $110. Okay, so lemme email them and see if they’ll sell me the harness separately.

Sent ’em an email and got a reply the next morning. They said that under their lifetime replace/repair warranty they could send me a new harness for free…just call this person at this number. I called and explained I needed a new harness for the MOUT and gave my first name. The gal on the other end then gave my last name and said that she had a copy of the email in front of her. She said theyd send a new rig Monday and that when I got it to return the pouch assembly that I currently had. (Appraently rather than break up a new set to get the harness, they’ll just send me the complete new set and I’ll send them back what i have.) I asked her if, since theyre sending a rand new one, could I get it in a differet color than the digicam? No problem.

So…for $20 I’m getting a brand new magazine carrier. Plus they responded to emails fast. Plus they communicate well enough in house that the gal on the ohone knew who I was just from what I was asking about. Dude, thats some heavy customer service. If theyre that respnsove maybe I’ll take advantage of their ‘tell us what new product youd like to see’ advisory on their website. I’ve been wanting pouch that will hold a d-cell MagLite on my pack…might be worth mentioning to them.


David Fortier, freelance gunwriter who shows up in Shotgun News a good bit, is, I suspect, a like-minded individual. I’ve been reading his stuff for years as it appeared in SN, G&A and a few of the other gun rags. Usually its reviews of surplus military guns or the latest hi-tech goody but over the years I’ve noticed a good bit of ‘tactical’ stuff and in some rare cases, reviews of non-shooting gear (what you could, I suppose, call ‘survival gear’) that lead me to think that Mr Fortier might be more than a simple gun scribe.

The January 20 Shotgun News has his review of a tactical medic course from an outfit called Tactical Response. The “High Risk Contractors Medical Package” is run-n-gun mixed with combat medicine. According to the article its about $1250 but if you eliminate the run-n-gun and go just for the medical stuff its $400. Hmmm. Its in Tennesee which is, as I recall, Oleg Volk country so I suppose were the girlfriend and I to attend we might be able to wrangle a stay at the Volkstead. I would love to take such a course. Given the amount of firearms handling that goes on around here (and that’s just when we’re trying NOT to shoot someone) it might be a good idea to learn the ins and outs of managing ballistically inflicted injuries. And, should 911 and the usual infrastructure be unavailable, the course would be a very handy thing to have under your belt.

This reminds me that since we have LJ friends living in Billings at the moment, who we might be able to impose upon them to let us stay there overnight a time or two, this summer would be a good time to see what Pat Goodale is offering. I’d like to retake the handgun course with my P35 and I’d like to do the rifle course with the AK (or the FAL if Im feeling especially destructive). My CZ550 acquitted itself admirably in the girlfriends hands last year and it would be fun to take the course myself and see how it shakes out. Especially now that I know what load the gun likes and now that I’ve built up a tremendous amount of confidence in the rifles ability to perform. My own ability, on the other hand….
Reminder: Last day for MH deal is next Wed.

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I actually had someone at Job #2 recognize me the other day as Commander Zero. That was pretty unexpected. I wouldn’t say that I make any effort to be uber-discreet about it. I mean, there isn’t a huge Batman/Bruce Wayne dichotomy going on here…I’m pretty much the same person rather than two completely different personalities. Anyway, it was a pleasant exchange and, as always, its interesting to hear other peoples opinions and take on things.
From the “Saw It coming A Mile Away” Dept.:
Clinton has officially thrown her hat into the ring. How’s she gonna distinguish herself from Obama? How’s Obama gonna distinguish himself from her? Platform, my friends, platform. It’ll be who feels they can best represent the Democratic values and one of those values is gun control. It’ll include who can outdo the other on ‘tough on [crime/terrorism/gun violence]’. So…get your goodies while you can. Buy ‘em cheap, stack ‘em deep.

This has been a public service announcement.
Reminder: Mountain House order goes in on Feb 1. Your last day to get a piece of the action is Jan. 31. Ordering link Another #10 can order will be in June.
Local gasoline prices have dropped to $2.05. This is the cheapest I’ve seen it here in a while. Part of it is probably because the stuff is now in the winter ‘blend’ which is part gasoline and part, what?, ethanol/MTBE and that sort of thing. I need to see if the winter additives are detrimental to long term storage…if they are I’ll have to make it a point to rotate out stock during summer months when its ‘pure’ gasoline.
Ranger Joe’s is having a sale on the Spec-Ops (made in USA) SOB buttpack. Marked down $30 from $60. Not a bad piece of gear, but not perfect. Good size for things like emergency winter accessories (much like this one), mission-specific gear, and just a general junk bag. I’m using it, for now, as a bag to keep all my field support gear for my CZ550…you know, cleaning kit, spare mags, lens caps, lens cleaner, range/data cards, extra swivels and sling, ammo, etc, etc, etc.
Remember I got one of the LMI a buncha HK91 mags for Chrismahanakwanzakah? I put a note in there for him to show his wife so she wouldn’t think he spent money on them. I saw him the other day and I asked him what his wife thought of the note. He said that she said that note kept her from killing him when she saw the large quantity of what she assumed were expensive magazines. I am teh amusedx0r.