More MH, stripped AR lowers

Some people were unable for various reasons (timing, out of country, etc) to partake in the last couple MH buys and a few people didnt want to have to buy things in case quantities without knowing if they were going to like what they ordered….and there was no provision to buy ‘onesies’. So…I’m leaving a page set up for a small selection of the MH freeze drieds. Prices will be the same for the cases (6/case) but single pouches (or, really, any quantity up to five) will be available as well. Been finishing the bare-bones page and it’ll be up in the next few days. No minimum but obviously the more you order the more worthwhile it becomes shipping-wise. For the time being it’ll be just the ProPack stuff but the #10 cans will be up after the next group buy which I anticipate to be around May/June depending on interest. I need to order $2000 worth to get the free shipping which makes this all possible so I need to know that theres gonna be at least enough orders to make that minimum.
Reminder that the stripped AR lower deal ends two weeks from Friday.

News – “Watch your flanks, America!”

Ah, those harmless Chinese……..;_ylt=AokIuKZaFUdImELOsJQYFuwDW7oF

Im no expert on economics but if the article is correct, this is a excerpt:

From time to time, US politicians have railed against these practices – and the collateral hollowing out of America that China’s”weapons of mass production” have brought about. However, any time that the Bush administration or Congress threatens any kind of significant and tangible action – as opposed to simply beating its chest – China can now credibly threaten to stop financing US deficits and start dumping greenbacks.
This is a very credible threat. If executed, inflation, the costs ofimports, and interest and mortgage rates would skyrocket. With higherhousing costs leading the way, consumers would soon be overburdened.The result: a nasty stagflation shock.
Some say that the Chinese would never take such an action because it would hurt them as much as Americans. But it’s Beijing’s view that the Chinese people are far tougher and better able to withstand any economic shock than Americans who’ve grown soft living the good life -and they are probably right. Chinese officials also take a far longer view of strategic action. So if a “dump the greenbacks” strategy need sto be implemented to break the back of a rising American protectionism,to secure Taiwan, or to achieve any other strategic goals, so be it.

So..China is in a position to cause havoc in the American economy with a flick of a switch, theyre expanding their military, and they arent shy about throwing their weight around if it suits their needs. Very interesting stuff.

Civvy MRE’s

A very nice thread offa regarding currently available civillian MRE’s and how they stack up. Website review here:

I like MRE’s for their durability and lack of necessary preparation. Drawbacks are they are heavy, bulkier than FD and have a shorter shelf life. However, if it were grab-your-gear-get-in-the-truck-and go time the MRE’s would probably be my first choice.

Specifically, these ones have been ineteresting me since I stumbled across their website a few months ago:

It is worth pointing out that with the increasing amount of ‘retort pouch’ food found in supermarkets today you could probably come up with your own MRE pouch of food simply by doing a careful shopping trip. You would, of course, probably pay more in the long run but your menu selection would be exactly what you want.

Clutter, PTR PtII, Jericho

Quiet night here at Rancho Ballistica. I napped during the day so I am taking advantage of the quiet (girlfriend is off rousting bad guys) to put away accumulated gear that has, well, accumulated. See, new gear is always showing up…magazines, knives, backpacks, freezedrieds, ballistic nylon of some kind or another, books, radios, etc, etc. Its supposed to get squared away in the bunker but many times it winds up sitting next to my computer as I play with it and look for interent aricles/reviews about it. (or write some as the case may be.) After a few weeks of this, the computer room starts to look like the bunker. So, Im resolving to get a handle on this and get most of this gear put away.
Found someone who may want to take my FAL and some mags for a decent price. If this occurs, I’ll be picking up another PTR for the girldriend. (However, I will be getting the telestock version for compactness in storage.) This means that Ill also have to order up another fifty mags but at around $1.75 that isnt too bad a hardship. Speakig if the PTR, I have eight battlepacks of SA on the way to squirrel away specifically to feed my lovely new Evil Black Rifle. Notice that surplus .308 is a bit hard to find lately? Plenty of .30-06 floating around though…..
Started watching the new season of ‘Jericho’ today. The first ep of the new season was basically a rehash of all of last season as told in flashback. What those in the trade would call a ‘bottle episode’. The second ep of the season, however, shines alot more info into my favorite character, Robert Hawkins. So, Im still interested in the series and will be watching it regularly for the rest of the season. All hail TiVo!
REMINDER: Stripped AR lowers – get ’em while you can.


I had a long post about the re-appearance of bird flu in the media all ready to go but, as events would have it, I felt more compelled to comment on a few gun-centric things.

Firearms are usually the dominant image people have when they think of preparedness. The image of the pot-bellied camouflaged middle-aged man with an assault rifle shooting at his neighbors from behind his porch. The fact is that, for better or worse, guns have an undeniable place in being prepared and that means that sometimes people who are heavily into being prepared are going to seem to harp on guns an awful lot. One reason I mention them so often is that there are very few preparations you can make that are as conditional as your ability to acquire firearms. There usually isn’t any legislation floating around restricting how many freezedrieds you can buy, how much first aid gear you can own, prevent you from buying kerosene lamps through the mail, etc, etc. But if youre going to buy firearms and firearms related items, its entirely possible to wake up one morning and find that youre prohibited from buying mags, ammo and guns.

So, I harp on it….because if you don’t buy the things you need when you can youre gonna hate yourself when you need them and cant get them…especially when they jump in price by orders of magnitude. Don’t think so? I just paid $172 for 100 HK91 mags that, ten years ago, would probably have cost me several thousand dollars.

Which brings us to today. Last week a noted gunwriter shot himself in the foot and said that the evil black rifles have no place in a hunters life and should be banned from the hunting fields by responsible state game agencies. (He is, as we speak, now unemployed on several levels.) His statement was picked up by the antigun people and used to say ‘See? Even gun owners think these things have no place in a civilized world!’ (Im not going to recount the whole story…you can find it everywhere in the blogosphere by searching for ‘zumbo’ and ‘outdoor life’ on most gun boards and Yahoo).

Then HR1022 is making the rounds. It’s a bill that brings back the Clinton assault weapons ban and adds even more nasty provisions. The fact that this is even being considered should be warning to all foresighted individuals.

If you don’t have all the “high capacity” magazines you can forsee needing for the next thirty years, you need to get them now. Ditto for evil black rifles. I just spent a half hour hunting down used 9mm LEO Glock mags and they are not to be found. New mags are available but I guarantee you that their availability will be changing as people start stocking up ‘just in case’. Feeling youre set because you’ve got four mags for your Beretta 92 is going to seem very shortsighted in the near future.

I really cannot stress strongly enough that if you were planning on buying an AR, AK, FAL or similar gun and magazines you should advance your timetable and get what you can now. If HR 1022 dies on the vine, as can very easily happen, all you’ve done is purchase things that you were going to buy anyway…and if it does come to pass, you’ll be forever pleased that you beat the deadline.

I learned my lesson after the sunset of the original AW ban in 2004. While I made damn sure to pick up as much as I could, I never really had as much as I want. Honestly, I could use another couple dozen mags for the AR and AK and at least a couple dozen Glock mags..(esp. since we have multiple Glocks and AR’s floating around here.)

If you cant afford a nice shiny new AR at the moment, you might wanna think about jumping in on the stripped AR lower group buy that Im managing.

Current events – ant-gun tide

Bah! Antigun legislation making the rounds and gunwriters shooting themselves in the foot and being quoted on gun control websites.

Mmmmmmm…I maybe better start getting some more Glock, AR and AK mags..pronto.

I am, however, somewhat cool on the HK91 magazines. (satisfied smirk)

Dudes! Dudettes! Take the money you were gonna put down for a new iPod and get yourself some magazines. And guns. Preferably evil ones.