Mountain House

These are what will be available for purchase as soon as the next shipment arrives:

#10 cans, rated for 30+ year shelf life:

Rice & Chicken, Spaghetti, Vegetable Stew w/Beef, Chili Mac, Beef Teriyaki, Chicken Teriyaki, Lasagna w/Meat Sauce, Noodles & Chicken, Oriental Style Spicy Chicken , Chicken Stew, Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham, Egg Mix – Butter Flavor, Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon, Granola w/ Blueberries & Milk,
Diced Beef -Cooked, Diced Chicken – Cooked, Ground Beef – Cooked, Garden Green Peas, Green Beans, Corn, Blueberry Cheesecake

Single serve pouches, rated for minimum 7 year shelf life:
ProPack: Beef Stew, Chicken Teriyaki, Chili Mac w/ Beef
Lasagna, Mexican Chicken w/ Rice, Rice & Chicken
S&S Pork, Spaghetti

Double Serving pouches:
Potatoes n Beef
Grilled Chicken Breast w/ Mashed Potatoes
Scrambled Eggs w/Ham
Prckd Scrambled Eggs
Prckd Eggs w/Bacon
Granola w/Blueberries

Emergency kits:
Just In Case … 72-Hour Kit
Just In Case… 7 Day Food Unit

Cans and pouches are 6/case. Unlike pretty much everyone else on the internet, you can mix-match your case of 6…3 of x, 2 of y, 1 of z = case of 6.
There’ll be an additional discount if you order cans in increments of 6. That is to say, if you order 8 cans of something you would get a better deal if you ordered 6 or 12. Why? Shipping boxes hold six cans…an order thats divisible by six makes things alot easier, and easier for me means cheaper for you.

No minimum order. If you want just one or two cans, thats do-able.
Shipping is actual. The pouches are much, much lighter than cans and can be shipped very reasonably by Priority Mail. One or two cans can go in a Priority Mail flat rate box. More than that and they’ll go by UPS.

Payment can be by PayPal for the usual transaction %, or by US Postal Money Order. Since all of this stuff will be on-hand, it ships the day after your payment is received. No waiting.

Email for pricing.

California fires, PTR shooting, gun show

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Ah, the fascinating times we live in.

The Carter II Obama administration is ramping up. Did you guys see that one of the questions they ask prospective employees is if they own guns? Presumably this is to weed out people who might later turn out to be ‘embarassing’ to the administration. Personally, I think if youre going to go work for this yahoo then you’ve already pretty much embarassed yourself. Just my opinion.


I see California is doing its annual self-immolation. Whenever I see a news article about the wildfares that are raging (notice that fires always ‘rage’? They never happen, occur, burn, exist, or spread..they rage) they always throw in the standard photo of someone standing in front of their house with a garden hose. Just once I’d like to see a picture of some guy with a massive pump sitting next to his swimming pool and coils of 2″ hose snaking across his property while he soaks the place down. I mean, if I lived in an environment where these sorts of occurrences were fairly predictable I’d have some top notch firefighting gear sitting in my garage.

Montana does get its share of forest fires. Living in town theyre not really a threat to my property since they’d have to burn through a whole lotta real estate to get to my part of town. But there have been summers where the smoke gets so thick that you literally cant see down the street and you have to keep the windows closed at all times if you want to breath normally.

Someday when I get the much daydreamed about place out in the boonies, it will most definitely be as close to fireproof as one can make such a structure without building it out of solid granite.


Need to head to the range this week and play with the PTR-91. I have it on a three-point sling and I’d like to practice snap shooting with it. A perfect opportunity to take out the .22 L conversion kit for the PTR and get some use out of it. Still gotta get a conversion for the AR and the Glocks though.


Gun show coming up in three weeks. It’ll be the first local one since the election. Im very curious to see how it unfolds. I’ll be taking along a hundred or so AR mags to sell. Be interesting to see what the market is like by then. I am astounded that there are people who have waited this long to buy their mags and guns. These elections happen every four years so that wasnt exactly an unexpected event, and it was, I think, a little obvious that the Democrats were gonna win several months before the election. And now people complain that when they try to buy guns and mags prices and availability are problems.  What a surprise, eh?

Mountain House

No guarantees, but its looking like another Mountain House deal is in the works. This one will be different than the others – there will be no requirement to buy by the case. That means that where you previously had to buy 6 cans of one product you can mix-n-match to your hearts content. Six cans of Chicken and Rice or just one can…your choice.

Discounts will be better for 6/case quantity but even buying single cans it should still be quite competitive.

This order will be for pouches and cans, so if theres a particular product youre after…lemme know.

One can or one hundred, no minimums. Same for pouches.
Also, I discovered I can fit one can in the $10 Flat Rate box and two in the $13 Flat Rate box so if you only want a can or two, its gonna be flat rate shipping anywhere in the US. More than a couple cans and it’ll be UPS.

This will be open to anyone who is interested so you can bring in the relatives and the guys at work if you want.

Don’t forget the reloading components

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Ok, that Standard Controllability Test that I mentioned? eye opener. That all I wanna say about that. At least, until I throw another few hundred rounds downrange.


I’d like to take this opportunity to remind folks that while youre scrambling for guns and magazines do not overlook reloading components. Although I havent heard anything about it (yet) all its gonna take is one of those highly touted executive orders for Glorious Leader to reclassify our powder and primers as a ‘permit required’ item. A brick of a thousand primers is, most assuredly, not enough. Remember the great primer scare during the Clinton administration? Alot of us said we’d never get caught flat-footed on primers again. Fact is, while there are some ways to make your own primers and powders nothing works as well or as cheaply as the real thing. Grab some while you can. How much? Well, a brick of 1000 primers lets you make, unsurprisingly, 1000 rounds. Do you think you’ll need more than 1000 rounds over the course of your life? Yes? Then get more. Powder comes 7000 grains to a pound. My 9mm eats about 6 gr. per cartridge so 1# of powder would mean around 1160 or so rounds per pound. Since I figure I’m gonna want a hell of a lot more than 1100 rounds in my future, an 8# keg (or three) might be a good idea.

Bullets are always being threatened with that ‘microstamping’ nonsense. For the lower velocity stuff like handguns I can cast bullets out of lead if I had to. Hence, a few bullet moulds and casting equipment is a good idea to put back.

If you dont reload I strongly suggest you start. You can buy a cheap setup from Lee for less than $150. Its not the best gear on the market but if you try reloading and don’t like it you’ll only be out about $150. If you do turn out to like reloading you can upgrade to some RCBS or Redding gear. (RCBS gets the nod for universal parts and accesory availability, although I think Redding makes a superior product.)

Heres your shopping list:

  • Primers – At least a thousand in each size that you use (Small pistol, large pistol, small rifle, large rifle) Store them in a dry, sealed container like a plastic ’sportsmans dry box’ or ammo can. No, it won’t be a bomb,
  • Powder – At least enough for a thousand rounds in each caliber you shoot. (Thus, finding a powder that works with a variety of cartridges is a good thing….Unique in pistol, IMR 3031 in rifle) Again, store it in a dry, waterproof container.
  • Bullets – .223 and .308 bullets especially.
  • Brass – You have been saving your brass, right? And pick up any reloadable brass you find at the range…you can always trade it later.
  • Reloading gear – I cant see this stuff ever being controlled (although the Brits were up in arms, so to speak, about being able to buy a ‘bullet making machine’ off eBay) but have an extra set of dies for the stuff you shoot. They can be had used for $15. Get some spare primer punches and that sort of thing too.

I reload for economy’s sake but often I am forced to reload because the gun Im shooting hasnt had commercial ammo made for it since WW2. If the Carter II administration decides to tackle gun control issues dont think they wont have people advising them who havent learned from the 1994 AW ban….they’ll close those little ‘loopholes’ and Im sure gunpowder and ammo will be on their agenda.

Standard Controllability Test

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As much as I enjoy guns and shooting, it seems I never practice as much as I should. That is not to say I don’t practice shooting as in “go to the range and pull the trigger”, but rather that I don’t practice shooting as in “Set quantifiable goals and rigid parameters and compare against them”. Oh, I do that with rifle, sure…but not often with handgun…and since the handgun is the firearm I tend to have around me the most, I really should get out and practice more with it.

So, whats the drill to practice with handgun? The IPSC guys will give you all sorts of scenarios with cool names like “Three To Go”, “When In Doubt”, etc, etc. I want something a bit simpler but still retaining a good bit of practicality and offering a method for gauging improvement. It would also be nice if it was simple to setup, didn’t require elaborate targets, and didn’t look obviously ‘tactical’.

Mel Tappan, in both “Tappan On Survival” and “Survival Guns”, mentions a drill he called the SCT.

“A good benchmark…is what my friend Jeff Cooper calls the SCT or Standard Controllability Test. It involves drawing your pistol from wherever you normally carry it –holster, pocket, waistband or handbag – and firing five full power combat rounds within five seconds into a 10” circle at 25 yards. This is not the ultimate test of pistol mastery, but if you can do it six times out of ten, the chances are better than excellent that if an armed assailant ever threatens your life, he has unwittingly committed suicide.”

The SCT is again mentioned in “Tappan On Survival”:

“…let me suggest a simple, but revealing test. Find a safe place to shoot without too many curious onlookers and bring a friend with you. Set up a silhouette target or simply a twenty-four-inch wide by thirty-six-inch long sheet of wrapping paper at a measured twenty-five yards. Then with your friend timing you and blowing a start and stop signal on a loud whistle at five-second intervals, draw your pistol of choice (in a serious caliber) and fire five shots at the center of the target mass, within the allotted five seconds. Reload and repeat. If all of your shots can be contained within a ten-inch circle four times out of five, your survival index is probably adequate. If not, you need training.”

A few interesting things about this exercise. The most noteworthy is that the pistol is drawn from where you normally carry it. While IPSC is a lot of fun it seems unlikey a lot of folks carry those high-speed, low-drag holster rigs in their day-to-day activities. Having to factor the fumble-for-your-gun into your time should prove revealing.

Another changeup from most shooting exercises is the use of full-power ammo. Many competitions have a minimum requirement that the ammunition must meet in terms of power, but many competitors don’t go past that minimum. In other words, they use ammo just powerful enough to meet the requirements…anything more powerful slows down recovery time. Real-world usage, its assumed, will have the shooter using full-power defensive-grade ammo.

A ten inch circle is a pretty generous target at first blush. Since Im cheap and prefer taking the easy way out on many things I’ll be using paper plates as targets. They’re already close to the right diameter and a quick tap with the staple gun and we’ll be ready to shoot. Fortunately, I have a competition shooting timer so a buddy with a stopwatch will be unnecessary.

My goal will be pretty simple. Start at five yards in, draw, fire five rounds in less than five seconds, and if they’re all on the plate move back another five yards. The goal will be to find out at what distance accuracy or speed fall out of the established ranges. Once at that distance the goal will be, obviously, to improve to the point that everything is on target within the allotted time. Should be enlightening. Of course, theres room for variations such as weak-hand shooting, one hand shooting, shooting from various positions, etc. but overall I think this drill may have some merit.

I’ll also have to investigate a variation of it for carbine work. Rifle sights aren’t nearly as coarse as pistol sights so perhaps the time element may need to be changed. Be fun to try it and find out.

If anyone else is going to the range soon, I invite you to grab a couple paper plates (or similar size targets) and take a swing at it. Lemme know how it goes.

Mags, fuel, food storage convenience

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I’m taking a deep breath and moving on.

This is me breathing…

As I have been relentlessly harping about, warning against, and predicting, magazine and AR availability taking a sharp jump for the worse. Somehow, and I don’t understand this, there are people who didn’t think it might be a good idea to stock up on guns and mags until after the election results were in. These are the same folks you see jammed in the Publix four hours before a hurricane hits snapping up milk, bread and eggs (because, apparently, hurricanes are French toast weather). And that isn’t the worst of it…there are still people sitting on the fence who won’t take action until Carter Obama is in office … and then theres another row of fencesitters who won’t take any action until the legislation is up for a vote… and then theres a final row who wont do anything until the legislation becomes law. And during that long, painful period from now until Assault Weapon Ban II the prices will go up and the availability will go down.


Gas prices continue to drop, although for how long is a mystery. Folks are telling me there are some places in town that are as low as $2.20/gallon. This means that not only will I be done with my fuel storage for now, prices may come down enough that a little in-state traveling may now be in the affordable range. For example, Ive been wanting to hit the gun shows in Great Falls, Bozeman and even Billings but $4 gas made that a very expensive propostion. Montana isn’t exactly a small state and you can travel some pretty long distances between major population centers. Current stockpile is 10 5-gallon cans with one empty Blitz can left over. I’ll fill that one in the next few days, treat it, and be done for the year.


Last night was an example of food storage paying off. It was late, I hadn’t eaten, and I was hungry but didn’t feel like going out in the cold and trudging to the supermarket. I wanted something hot, filling, satisfying, and in large quantity. So a quick trip into the deep freeze for some vacuum sealed ground beef, ca. 2006; a pound of spaghetti from the short term stage bins, ca. 2007; and a jar of spaghetti sauce purchased on sale back around April. Cook the whole mess up and eat. Didn’t even have to leave the house. And, according to the spreadsheets, I could do this another 30 times if I had to. Convenience, my friend…just another benefit to thinking ahead.


If theres anyone out there who hasn’t got some spare parts sitting around for your favorite thundertoys, you should probably get busy on that. May not be able to simply buy a new handgun if something goes bad on your old one without going through a hideous amount of hoop-jumping. Assume they even offer a hoop.

AR mag price update

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Once the avalanche has started it is too late for the pebbles to vote…….

Just got off the phone with my magazine vendor. She tells me CProducts is 100,000 magazines in the hole. Additionally, recall how I said the price went up 20% the other day? Since yesterday the price jumped another 30%.

Phone call went like this:

Vendor: Hi this Lacey, can I help you?

Me: Hi Lacey, Im gonna ask you the same question youve been asked 100 times today…

Lacey: How much ar AR mags?

Me: Wow! You must be psychic! Quick, how many fingers am I holding up?

Lacey: WHen I tell the price, one finger.

Me: I bet I know which finger that’ll be.

The remaining inventory of AR mags that I have are being pulled off the shelf. Time to sit and wait and see what happens.

The new ban looms – Link

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Straight from President-Elect Carter Obama;s new website:

As president, Barack Obama would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn’t have them. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets.

You were warned. If you get caught with your pants down on this one youve got no one to blame but you.

By the by, Im not a single-issue voter when it comes to guns. However, it is one of the most important rights issues to me. Why? Because it’s very difficult to make .gov respect any of your other rights, and its equally as difficult to, when forced, defend your rights,  when all you’re holding is a baseball bat.