HK cleaning kits

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Ah…the German (West German, originally) G3 cleaning kits arrived.

And, really, at $2 each wouldnt you have bought a bunch as well? Not sure what the word is that comes after ‘tertiary’ (quadriary? Pentary?) Never mind..found it: Primary (1st), Secondary (2nd), Ternary (3), Quartary (4th), Quintary (5th), Sextary (6th), Septenary (7), Octonary (8), Nonary (9th), Denary (10). We’ve apparently gone past the point of duodenary levels of redundancy on .30 caliber cleaning kits.

Enough about the semantics, lets talk about the goods. All of the kits appear to be either new or like new. They include a pull through chain, two brushes for said pull through, a small ‘paint brush’ for cleaning in the tight spots, a small vial for lube which everyone seems to agree leaks horribly, and two bundles of what appear to be cotton strands like youd find on the end of a mop. Not sure how theyre to be used.

I’ll swap out the empty lube container for a small tube of Tetra or BreakFree. Add a small length of brass or bronze rod for knocking snow out of the muzzle and I think that’ll be all the mods I need to make. I’ll keep one of these with each of my .30 rifles and stow the rest. Hey, for two bucks, man………

Gun safety, Glock conversion

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Administration to propose steps on gun safety
Guns are already a very safe product. If you keep them pointed in a safe direction and dont’ screw with them when you shouldnt, they tend to be about as safe as your average toaster oven. Unfortunately, ‘gun safety’ to some means ‘gun prohibition’ or confiscation or registration or neutering under the guise of ‘evil features’. If, Crom forbid, Obama wins a second term, well, he’ll have nothing to lose by bringing out the really unpopular legislation. Word to the wise, man.
Speaking of guns, the missus has finally managed to come across a Tactical Solutions conversion for the Glock. We laready have .22 conversions for the ARs and the HKlones. Having the option of .22 to use in the Glocks for practicing things like sight acquisition, weak hand drills, etc, is just good sense. The kit isnt cheap….I can actually buy a used Glock for the price of the kit…but it should pay for itself in about 2000 rounds. As soon as it gets here and we’ve had a chance to shake it out, I’ll let you know what I think of it. We’ve been having a hell of a time finding a vendor who had one in stock and wound up being on a waiting list for most of this year.

Cleaning kit

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CTD has the HK .30 cleaning kits on sale for $2 ea. Assume a failure rate of 50% just to be safe. Meaning, if you want three kits, buy five…that way if one comes missing a part or something is broken, youre good to go. At $2 each you should probably have at least a dozen. Linkification. While we’re at it, they also still have the ninety-seven cent HK mags. (Reject rate on those was about 6% in my experience…meaning if you order 20, one or two will probably be trashed. Still a fantabulous deal, though.)

I have a few of the cleaning kits already. Bought them a couple years ago at, I think, ten bucks each. Theyre obviously very handy if you have a .30 caliber rifle. Just the thing for wandering around the woods with your .30-30 or PTR-91. One things to add would be a length of caliber-diameter brass rod. Why? Because you cant push a rope. While the little chain-like pull-through is great for pulling a patch through the bore, its going to suck for getting snow out of the muzzle. In cases like that a length of heavy brass rod dropped down the barrel from the breach end is just the ticket.

Speaking of PTR rifles, the buzz in the blogosphere has been that the PTR is less-than-HK-reliable with ammo that uses tar sealant in the case. My experience has been that this is true. The story, as Ive read it, is that PTR ‘improved’ the HK design by making the flutes in the chamber shallower and reducing the number of them. As a result, the tar builds up in those flutes and without the fluted chamber to ease extraction you get failures to eject. The most obvious solution is to simply shoot ammo that isnt tar sealed. However, the guys at PTR must have been getting an inordinate amount of crap from the shooting community because they have now introduced the PTR GI model. This model supposedly addresses those concerns, although PTR is very quiet about it.

I’m not sure I see a real problem here. People who are quick to castigate the PTR for not shooting tar sealed ammo feel that if you cant use all ammo available then the gun is a liability, yet they’ll refuse to shoot steel cased Wolf out of their custom ARs. The surplus .308 that used to be on the market is almost completely gone, so the notion that you are somehow deprived of the ability to shoot ‘cheap, plentiful surplus .308′ is kind of a non-starter. I’m a cheap bastard so I reload all my .308 on the big Dillon 1050. Fired brass, surplus powder, and bulk .308 bullets are all it takes. It duplicates military ball and is mind-numbingly reliable to shoot.

I still say the PTR is the best value for a .308 “battle rifle” on the market today. Mags for a buck, cleaning kits for two bucks, and scads of genuine HK surplus parts and accessories abound.

Genny musings

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I was reviewing some of the generators for sale on the local Craigslist. While there were some small ones (Generac, Honda, etc) that were pretty much the size I would need, there were also some rather massive ones that looked like bulldozers someone took the blade and wheels off of. Nice to know that if I so desired I could completely power my house and the ones on either side of it. But, while normally I think of overkill as a baseline, I think something like this or like this is a wee bit over the top…but in a really nice to have kinda way. (20kW and 50kW would not only run this house it would be enough to put this house in orbit.) My needs for electrical power in an emergency are really quite small. Other than needing to keep the freezer up, I only need three things:
1) LED lighting
b) Power for radios and charging radio batts
III) Charging rechargeable batteries
Those things are easily addressed with a small DC power generation system. A few solar panels and a couple good batteries would probably do the trick. The big ticket item is the freezer. As I think about it, I suppose I could go a different direction and replace the current freezer with one that runs on propane. Problem is, then I have to do a bit of plumbing to run the delivery line from outside the house, have to buy and position a large storage tank, and theres the added risks of all of that.

Currently, I keep the freezer as full as possible and store bottles water in it to help keep the temperature during a brief outage. Obviously, I wouldnt need to run the generator 24/7 for the freezer. Just long enough to keep everything cold and then let it sit for a while. There should be plenty of thermal mass in there with all the bricks of meat and whatnot.

A small gas generator is probably going to be the way to go. I just need to figure out how to make it happen. Then theres the new vs. used debate….save money with a used one and hope they took care of it, or buy a new one so you know what youre getting but pay more up front. Decisions, decisions……..
Thats it.