New military rations unveiled

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New rations supposedly in the field within the next few weeks.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Don Egolf remembers what Army chow looked like when he served in Germany in World War II: a tin of scrambled eggs and bacon bits that he pried open with a tiny can opener.

On Wednesday at the Pentagon the 102nd Infantry Division vet pocketed one of those irksome little openers, the P-38, as a souvenir. Then he dug into the latest in combat cuisine, a plate of blackened catfish, teriyaki chicken, little french toast squares and pumpkin cake – no opener needed.

The Army offered up samples of the food as it rolled out its newest innovation – special packets of easy-to-eat, high-nutrition, high-calorie foods designed for mobile forces. The chow, mostly bagged finger-type foods that soldiers can just tear open and eat on the run, will be available in the field next month.

That’s not the way it was in his day, Egolf noted.

Man, I remember one of the first MRE’s I ever saw. It was around 1985. I distinctly recall a brillo-pad looking object that, I am told, was a freezedried hamburger patty.

The meals have substantially improved since then.

For reference’s sake, probably the best source for info on MRE’s is, unsurprisingly, I am fascinated by the MRE’s from other countries. I would like to try the Italian and French MRE’s, and I feel sorry as hell for the Russians. The Brit MRE’s might be good but if its anything like British cooking……

5 thoughts on “New military rations unveiled

  1. ah MRE’s

    can remember the old can version, the “beef” often heard comments that it was “mystery meat from somewhere”. when the meals started coming out in pouches one wondered was this how the military was getting rid of it’s “toxix waste”. these days are a wonder, can’t wait to sample the next line of military issued rat food. Wildflower 08

  2. Re: Being so close to the canucks

    Havent actually tried any but they look like theyre mostly repackaged commercial food. Makes sense…I cant imagine the Canucks have the economic might to actually create a plant specifically for making meals. Makes more sense to call Chef BoyArDee and ask ’em if they can package their stuff in a better container.

  3. hey, i LIKED that freeze dried brillo pad, reconstituted it, added some beef gravy & rice, & called it saulsbury steak

  4. Re: Being so close to the canucks

    i’ve had them & they’re not bad, although the peanut butter in a tube struck me as a bit odd at first

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