Whiter teeth and fresh breath and sale purchasing

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A nice score today. Namebrand toothpaste normally $1.52 per tube, on sale at $0.50. Wouldnt you have picked up a dozen at that price also? So..normally $18.24..but today, a mere $6. Its like putting twelve bucks in your pocket, dude!

I love these little opportunities. Its one more thing I can stick on the shelf and be done with buying for, you know, a year or two. Heck, before the girlfriend moved in I had about two years to go on my stash of toilet paper. Hadnt bought rice in about six years. And theres dozens of things that we have in sufficient quantity that we can go a year or two between having to purchase. The advantage? It gives me the breathing space to wait until something is on sale and then I can buy at the best price. This, naturally, amounts to saving money which is always a good idea. Hell man, the toothpaste was, essentially, three for the price of one.

Clipping coupons and reading store sales circulars is probably the least glamorous aspect of preparedness but I find it so satisfying to look at the receipt and see “Total: $6.00, You Saved $12.24″.

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  1. I was at Costco last night and found 6# cans of ‘chunk beef’ for $8. Did a similar buy last week with the 10 for $10, total bill $40 you saved $42, very satisfying.

  2. ah yes

    often am tended to purchase items in bulk quantity, especially on discount or sales items. good to also jog down a note or two where you stash it away or just how much you got of it on hand. saves on duplicate or excessive purchasing.

    tested a bunch of aa alkalines purchased back in the 1980’s, 90% weere still fully charged for use. had found them when clearing out a bunch of stuff haphazardly stored away and had forgotten they were there. items now are listed in quantity of along with location for the mind can’t remeber everything. Wildflower 08

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