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A lovely day here in heavily armed western Montana. Its sunny, occasional cloud cover, and about 45 degrees or so. In short, too nice a day to be indoors in front of a compouter. But…the apocalypse beckons and we do what we must.

I’ve pretty much finished the big shelving project for the bunker. I went with the steel wire shelving for versatility and modularity. I’ve now completely shelved the perimeter of the the available space with racks of shelving. The next step, naturally, is to organize that which is upon the shelves. But its looking good…less clutter and more organization. Once that’s done and over with I can start doing a far more comprehensive inventory than what I have been keeping.


The wedding is less than two months away and people have been making contributions to the Fifty Fund. While I appreciate all of them, I need to get working on the thank you emails and will, I hope, have it taken care of soon. In the meantime, theres still about two months to go and if you want to get happy couple the security and peace of mind afforded by owning an anti-material rifle you can do so here. If theres enough donations, and enough time to get it, before the actual wedding we’ll have it sitting on the gift table at the reception. But that’s still a good deal down the road.


Speaking of the Fifty Fund, its interesting that the donors can be broken down into three groups:

1)     People who donate and then email “Dude, that’s so cool. My girlfriend would never let me do that. Heres a donation just for having such a cool idea.”

2)     The hardcore gunnies and LMI who may have never met me or the girlfriend but know us from various parts of the internet and want to do something nice for us for the wedding.

3)     People we know IRL who know that it isn’t just a novelty act – we really want a .50


Continuing with more wedding info, the invites went out last week and the RSVPs have started to trickle in. It should be an interesting event. Attendees are encouraged to be armed (I certainly will be) and because of the preponderance of firearms there’ll not be any booze served. That reminds me…went to get fitted at the local tux store. The gal behind the counter was a bit puzzled when I asked about making sure the jacket would fit properly over a shulder holster. Standing there in the outfit with the shoulder holster on was definitely a James Bond moment. Although , as far as I know, Bond never carried a Glock and I’m not a humongous fan of the Walther.

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      • Whats the barrel length on that? If I remember right (that’ll be a first) it came in 29″ and 36″ and I think (another first) I once read that they where going to do a “urban” 22″ barrel – in a .50 BMG.
        I’m all for short barrel, long ones are IMHO a hold over from both black powder and iron sights but .50 BMG needs all the length it can get.

  1. “As far as I know, Bond never carried a Glock” your a trend setter. In Skyfall Bond grabs a Glock 17 (bet yours was a 19) from one henchman and uses it to kills the others and holds Silva at gunpoint with it until MI6 backup arrived

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