Pressure canner, leaky FEMA fuel tanks,

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The new pressure canner should arrive tomorrow, if the UPS tracking information is to be believed. I am enthused. I am also curious where the hell Im gonna put the bloody thing since it may take the title of Largest Kitchen Gadget. I mean, I’ll find a place for it, sure….its just…big.


Heres an interesting article about leaky underground FEMA fuel tanks. The fact that the tanks themselves are leaking isnt noteworthy to me. Whats noteworthy is why those tanks are there in the first place. Years ago the girlfriend and I looked at buying one of these communications bunkers and it had originally been equipped with a 3000 gallon fuel tank. The tank had been removed when the place was decommissioned but you could see the hole where it used to be. So, if a person were to get ahold of this list of tanks that need attention you would also have, de facto, a list of hardened facilites and sites since no one was gonna dedicate a resource like fuel and storage to a facility that would crumble at the first bit overpressure. By the way, if you have Google Earth the coords for the bunker we looked at were 46° 4′53.63″N 112° 6′56.83″W. If you go to the 3d perspective you can see the hill it was on commanded a view of the entire valley. The 75′ radio tower with platform for microwave dishes would have made an uber sniper roost. Sadly, there wasnt a drop of water on the place…it had been designed as a remote unmanned facility so a well wasnt put in. A shame, ’cause those 12″ thick walls, reinforced concrete and steel blast shutters were mighty attractive.


Speaking of pressure canner, here’s a link for those interested in the subject: National Center For Home Food Preservation

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  1. ah

    the military industrial machine built all sorts of facilities, even up to now. for what ever reason be given, they certainly built a lot of excessive buildings, most now crumbling to dust. as for fuel tanks leaking, gee if had one doing so, be hit with thousands of dollars in fines. but aside from fuel tanks are rumored long forgotten caches of goods, even waepons about. one could consider even somewhere nukes rusting away, hidden back in the cold war era of the 50’s and 60’s. and yes occasionally denied existence of any hidden shit does turn up from time to time. have fun, Wildflower 08

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