Link – LDS faithful using more food storage – video/article, not a hurricane

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Business Week ‘Mormon Index’

A filler piece about how the demand at Mormon food handling facilities has gone up and how the trepidation about the economy is to blame. Interesting to note that about ‘5%’ of the people using the services are not actually Mormons. :::waves:::

Dean Ing wrote a few books about a post-apocalyptic America where the LDS church, being the most organized and well-prepared section of the populace, became the ruler of a theocratic America. (For those who are curious ‘Single Combat’, ‘Wild COuntry’, ‘Systemic Shock’….a trilogy.) While Im sure there are individuals and small groups probably better prepared than the Mormons, Id bet that theres no single block of people approaching anything like their sheer numbers.

As I’ve flogged the idea before, lemme flog it again – if you can wrangle an invite with a Mormon friend, or if your local cannery allows unaccompanied non-members, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to take advantage of the opportunity to use their facilities. Its also a good opportunity to network.


Florida had itself a not-a-hurricane. The news was full of the usual stories about people evacuating and roads being jammed full. It seems that its standard practice to insert a fast paragraph somewhere about someone determined to ride it out. The article I read had one guy saying he wasnt worried…he’d built his home out of concrete, knew what it could handle, and had a generator ready to go. Sad thing is, guys like this are mentioned because they are the exception. How can anyone posibly live in a place that gets these things every year and not think that it might be a good idea to prepare for them? For crying out loud, the state even gives used to give sales tax exemptions to encourage people to buy the gear they need!  Just from an economical standpoint you would think .gov would find it advantageous to have people prepared so that they can not need .gov services.

The cycnics among us will point out that thats exactly what .gov wants – people needing their services. Lest they discover that perhaps they really can live without Big Brothers benevolent hand in their lives. Hmmmm.

Lemme tell ya kids, if I were governor you can bloody well believe that ‘Emergency Management’ or ‘Civil Defense’ or whatever you wanna call it would be a totally different ball game.


Okay, as a nice change of gears to something more pleasant, lets have a link to the fabulous Swiss civil defense programs and their poured-concrete testimonials to optimism.