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  1. Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    Yay! Can we talk swap now?

    I’m getting full cases of #10 cans of:

    oatmeal with blueberries
    seafood chowder
    beef stroganoff
    blueberry cheesecake

    I want to swap with for a can or two of her eggs. She doesn’t want any of what I’ve got, but would possibly swap her can of egg for a #10 can of:

    scrambled eggs w/bacon or
    green beans.

    So: if anyone wants any of the things I’ve got, and has something of what CJ wants, can you swap what you’ve got with me and I’ll turn around and swap CJ for the eggs I want?

    I can handle the accounting calculations for the price differential and I think The Commander would be willing to parcel out the money changes into the shipping calculations, right?

  2. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    I have:

    scrambled eggs/bacon
    sliced strawberries
    chicken stew
    rice & chicken
    beef stew
    beef stroganoff
    chili mac

    I would be willing to swap one or two cans from the above list for some of these:

    granola with blueberry
    ground beef
    beef teriyaki
    Spicy chicken

    I think you have granola (not oatmeal), anyone want to swap something else?

  3. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    Oops, my bad: my “oatmeal” is actually “0030449 Granola with blueberries & milk.”

    Yes, I’ll swap you a #10 can of granola with blueberry for either a #10 can of chicken or scrambled eggs with bacon, whichever prefers. I’ll email her to settle it. Thanks!

    I assume you only want one can of granola, right?

  4. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    Yes, one of granola, but if you (or CJ or anyone else) has any of the other flavors…

  5. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    I’d be happy to swap a can (or two, your option) of ground beef for chicken.

    As the third party in the swap with , I’ll opt for a can of scrambled eggs with bacon — I didn’t get any cooked eggs this time around. 🙂


  6. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    Scrambled eggs with bacon sounds scrumptious, and good to have handy for times when I don’t want to cook eggs. Thanks!!

  7. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    Well, I will take John a can of scrambled eggs/bacon for you, and have him give me a can of granola from .

    Then a can of Diced Chicken, to swap for one of your cans of ground beef.

    If that sounds like what we all want, I can do it tomorrow. Only catch is I want someone else to work out the math!

  8. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    Hang on, I’m working on it right now…

    Granola #30449 = $22.96 each, which owes .

    Eggs with butter $30441 = $38.50, which owes

    Diced chicken #30142 = $28.18 and
    Scrambled eggs w/ bacon #30447 = $19.13 = $47.31 which
    owes , but subtract from that
    Ground beef #30227 = $24.27 each, which
    owes for a total of $23.04 that owes

    But wait, there’s more. How about if takes the $22.96 that he owes to me and pays it to cjsmith instead, to offset my debt to her of $38.50. Then I still owe cjsmith $38.50 – 22.96 = $15.54 which I can paypal over to her (with a 3% markup for paypal = $16.00).

    But the beauty of this is that now CJSmith owes Madkiwi 23.04 – 22.96 is 8 cents and you all call it even and bow down in awe of my accounting skills.

    Checking my math:

    The end result is that CJ Smith gave up eggs and beef worth $62.77 and got scrambled eggs and chicken worth $47.32 and I’ll pay her the $16 on the side.

    Madkiwi gave up cans worth $47.32 and got cans worth $47.23.


    End result for packing issues:

    swaps out one granola and gets one eggs with butter from

    swaps out one diced chicken and one scrambled eggs with bacon and gets one can of granola from and one can of ground beef from

    swaps out one eggs w/butter and one ground beef for the two items taken from ‘s box.

  9. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    Can you bill me $16 from Paypal to my REAL email address that I sent you a few days ago? Or, conversely, can you give me the email address I should use to send you $16 via Paypal?

    Or, if you don’t have Paypal, could you give me your snail mail address for sending a check?

    (For the math, see further down in the thread. It’s all spelled out there for the reading pleasure of people who need something more boring than the Presidential debates to do tonight.)

  10. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases


    Just so you know, the scrambled egg with bacon came from my inventory- not this group buy. It was purchased in 2006 and has the old style plain label.

    It also has an early expiration date- March 2031! I hope you can handle it!

  11. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    Ah, in that case you DEFINITELY deserve to be docked 8 cents.

    Markets are imperfect with asymmetrical information, aren’t they?

    Speaking of which, thanks for friending me. I friended you back. I’ll spend some time reading your take on the MOAB. You’ll find that I’m much (much) more vocal under friends lock than what you saw before. Plus, crazier.

  12. Re: Swapping #10 cans, trying to keep full cases

    Augh! Terrible! …nah, that’s perfectly fine. 🙂 If by March 2031 I haven’t looked at my supplies at all, I have bigger problems than a can of scrambled egg with bacon. 🙂

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