MH Group buy – next step

Okay guys, the stuff is here so now comes the tricky part.

If you wanna swap with anyone you need to set it up amongst yourselves and you need to settle the financial stuff between yourselves. Im just the delivery boy.

Let me know in comments when youre ready to have your stuff shipped to you.
If youre swapping/trading/selling amongst someone else I need both parties to tell me what theyre supposed to get.

When all that is sussed out I’ll get things boxed up and weighed and you’ll ge tyour total due for shipping.

3 thoughts on “MH Group buy – next step

  1. Gwendally’s order is ready, with one substitution to make.

    Okay, now I’m ready. In another thread this all got detailed out, but for my own particular order please remove one #10 can of granola (to send to Madkiwi) and insert one #10 can of CJSmith’s eggs with butter. (I settled up with CJ and MadKiwi.)

    I’ll just paypal over to you what the shipping comes to. (gulp.)

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