Magazine inventorying…again.

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I am currently doing an inventory of magazines to determine what exactly we have, and what exactly we need. I am discovering that in addition to the expected amounts of magazines stashed away in their happy little airtight,watertight containers there is a huge amount of magazines just ‘floating’ around the house. Theyre in backpacks, range bags, junk boxes, coat pockets, desk drawers, etc, etc, etc. So, the first step to doing an inventory is getting all the suspects rounded up and in one place. Thats the real work…the counting is the easy part.

However, as I expected, we’re doing okay on most everything, a wee bit light on one or two places, and way well-squared-away on others. However, since theres no such thing as overkill when it comes to gearing up for the zombie invasion I’ll try to pick up a few more of these things and bring a few numbers up.

I posted earlier this year about why a few dozen mags (or more) isnt overkill. Re-read the post if you want, but here it is in a nutshell: if you were watching the news tonight and they said that a law had been passed prohibiting the manufacture, sale and transfer of all ‘high capacity’ magazines from that moment on, would you feel comforatble with what you have right this second? And do you think that you could live the next 30, 35 or 40 years with that stash of magazines? Mags get lost, dented, damaged, broken, worn out, dropped, stepped on, lost, stolen, confiscated, misplaced, and otherwise rendered inoperable from time to time. Can you think of any consumer product that must always work flawlessly that you have owned for thirty years that hasnt needed repair or replacement? Any? So why do you think that the nine mags you have for your three AR’s are all you need to last you for the next thirty years?

Someone asked me if buying before the election is necessary since a new president wont be sworn in until January 20 and therefore theres ‘plenty of time’. Yes, buy now. Why? Because after the election everyone who is sitting on the fence will think “Geez, this could really happen” and the prices will go up while the supply goes down. If you shop around you can find AR, AK and FAL mags for $10 or less. You can find HK91 mags for $2(!!!). Glock mags are still under $20 if you hunt carefully. If Obama wins I would say it is almost a certainty those prices will go up as the inauguration approaches.

Guns, ammo, mags, primers, powder, bullets….get shopping.