Article – Time to bury your money?

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An article about how in this time of economic uncertainty some people are burying their money. If they’re smart, that isn’t the only thing they’ll bury.

The day the Dow fell 777 points, David Latham, a 45-year-old Alabama cattle farmer and electrician, was busy doing errands. Driving his Chevy pickup into Montgomery, he dropped by the hardware store, then stopped into the bank, where he withdrew $8,000 from his CD account, all in 20s. Back home, he slipped the four inch-thick bundles into a Ziploc bag, popped them into a waterproof PVC tube and set out for a remote location on his 300-acre property, where he dug a deep hole with a post digger. And then he buried his money.

16 thoughts on “Article – Time to bury your money?

  1. This seems like a rather silly idea for several reasons:
    – CDs are protected and insured. You cannot lose money invested in a CD.
    – CDs appreciate in value. Whether or not they appreciate more than inflation is a question, but even if they lose value to inflation, they lose it slower than having plain cash.
    – It’s hard to forget where your bank is located. It’s easy to forget where you buried money.
    – If the bank goes under, the money is insured (see the first point). If the buried cash is compromised (stolen, tree roots damage pipe, etc.), it is lost.

    I understand the desire to have cash on-hand if stuff happens, but it’s still not a smart idea to bury it. If people bury their money, the face value remains the same: $8,000 buried now equals $8,000 when it’s dug up (and with inflation, $8,000 in the future might not be very much at all).

    According to this inflation calculator, I would need $196,909.36 in 2007 money to buy a product that cost $8,000 in 1900 money. Not keeping up with inflation sucks.

  2. If you’re concerned that your dollars are going to lose value and be worthless in the future, why would you do this? When an economic collapse occurs, it will have turned out that you spent all this effort burying a useless pile of paper somewhere in your backyard. Better to buy physical goods with it, and safekeep those instead.

  3. +1

    I hope he’s expecting to use it for heat, because if all the banks fail then we’re going back to the barter system and nobody barters for fiat currency.

  4. It’s wrong to bury them before they are dead. It is also wrong to kill them.

    So we just bury them, if they say they’re not dead, they are probably lying, so just go ahead and bury them.

  5. Well…I don’t know. After all the money my elderly mother lost from her retirement accounts she’d have done better having buried it. Scary times these….

  6. People will bury also

    extra food, fuel, supplies, and in one case known of a blacksmith; a ton of pea coal for future use.

    can’t blame people whom are in a panic over the economy, their needs, or their job futures. who bails out the new poor?

    meanwhile the president will never need a want for food, medical care, or warm home. you poor peons are expedable just like durring the cold war days to the present.

    So take care of your future now before the bozos rob you of it. Wildflower 08

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