H-S Precision and Lon Horiuchi

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Lon Horiuchi is:

  • a) A respected law-enforcement tactical marksman
  • b) An expert on rifles and rifle usage, whose opinion should be respected
  • c) A guy who shot an unarmed woman while she was holding her baby and claimed he was ‘just following orders’

If you answered anything other than ‘C’ then youre probably working for the ad company that H-S Precision hired.

H-S Precision, whose stock I have on my lovely CZ550, is, apparently, using an endorsement from the Ruby Ridge mom-killer to pimp their guns. As best I can tell, Im not making this up. Before we tear them a new one we should make sure that this is a genuine event.


Call Me Ahab

The War On Guns

The ad copy in question

Next thing you know Charter Arms will hire David Berkowitz as a spokesman for the company.

If this is real then H-S Precision may single-handedly be responsible for stealing the award from Jim Zumbo for the ‘Bite the hand that feeds you’ championship title.

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  1. and so we cover all bases, their web site names their distributors, Midway, Cabelas, Brownells, and others. They have already recieved my well crafted vitrolic diatribe. Gotta be good at something.

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