Intruder Alert – Part II

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Have you ever read about someone who robs a bank or steals a car and, somehow, they leave a critical piece of ID behind? Seems pretty stupid, doesn’t it? I mean, if youre going to commit a crime, or do something equally dumb, don’t you think you’d maybe want to NOT leave your name and address at the scene? I’ve always wondered how someone could be so stupid as to do something like that. Fortunately, I dont have to wonder any more. I can simply ask Mr. MMB of Billings MT.

Mr MMB, whom we first met a couple posts back, had the amazing misfortune to leave his drivers license on my front porch after trying to hammer down my door last week. Yes, thats right….the 6′0″, 175#, 21 year old, formerly of Billings Montana, executed the facepalm-worthy feat of leaving his most personal data at the scene of his drunken moronitude.


Im sure you can think of a multitude of ways this development could open the door to some interesting times. I’ve thought of a bunch…but the one thats probably going to be the winner is to simply have the missus go return the young mans ID to him while she’s on her lunch break at work.