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‘Large quantities’ has been the theme of the last couple days. First off was a palletload of this stuff:


Surprisingly, nothing was outta stock and shippping was faster than I expected.  Take a good look, thats security and safety stacked deep and sold not-cheap. But whats it worth to you to have meat and eggs when everyone else is eating the bark off of trees? I’m not going to say all of this is for me, but I will say I do have about this much tucked away in the bunker just for me and the girlfriend’s use. Shelf life? At least 25+ years.
After that, UPS dropped off the case of plastic ammo boxes I ordered. After my last reloading episode I ran out of plastic boxes and just dumped the ammo loose in .50 cans. not my ideal storage. I did, however, undersestimate the amount of boxes I needed.


Thats 50 x 50 rounds. 2,500 rounds of 9mm 115 FMJ and I still have a couple more .50 cans full of loose ammo. I may have gone a little too long on 9mm. Then again, you can never be too rich, too thin or too well armed. Having the Dillon RL1050 makes kicking out a few thousand rounds in an evening very possible.

When youre gearing up for the end of western civilization there just really isnt a such thing as overkill.

5 thoughts on “Large quantities

  1. When I first started reloading, I saved 50 round ammo boxes that I had left over from 1000 round buys. But I quickly found they weren’t volume efficient for storage. I set my range practices up so I typically shoot 150 rounds, so I started using some heavy 4×8 plastic ziplock bags I had that were just right for 150 rounds of 9mm, and that turns out to be fairly space efficient. A .50 ammo box holds at least 1500 rounds packaged that way – not as many as loose, but close enough, and they have the virtue of being pre-counted. I need more bags, though.

  2. 2500 rds 9mm. meh

    Long on 9mm? Naah…maybe a good start.
    My ex-girlfriend (also referred to as my ‘wife’ in some circles. Try it, it’ll grow on you…after 8 years it seems almost natural) can go through 3-500 rounds in an afternoon at the range easily. Yours can too, I bet. You’ve only got a couple of weeks pictured there if both of you are in a shooty mood.

  3. Need ammo advice

    I got a deal on a few cases of Wolf .223 recently to store away, and then I was told by someone that the sealing lacquer that they dip their rounds in will mess up an M4 very quickly. I have shot a lot of Wolf 7.62 through my SKS and never had any issues – do you find that it gunks up your M4 more than standard brands?

  4. Food Storage

    Not to change the subject, but could you tell me where to purchase food storage buckets and seals?

    Thanks for all your hard work. I read your blod daily.

    A friend in Texas

  5. Re: Food Storage

    Food buckets are available pretty much anywhere. Home Depot or Lowes in the paint department will usually have 5-gallon buckets that are of the correct construction. Do a little Googling on ‘food grade buckets’ to find out how to tell by examination if a bucket is food grade or not.

    I usually just by the GammaSeal lids by the case. Theyre available from the usual sources like NitroPak, etc.

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