Acquisitions today

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Well, I hadnt planned on spending money or adding to my stockpiles today but….

My local gun shop has an Uzi B model for sale. Way too much but I stopped by figuring Id ask if they’d move on it. Nope. Staying firm at the exorbitant price (it only comes with one magazine, fer crying out loud!). However, while I was there I noticed a stack of familiar shaped magazines in the display case.

Me: How much are the 40-rd AK mags?

Them: Hmm..Make you a deal if you take all of them?

Me: Oh geez..okay, let’s hear it.

Them: $100 for all ten.

Me: :::sighs in defeat::: Bag ‘em up.

Well, c’mon..for ten bucks a mag wouldnt you have cleaned ‘em out too???

Then it was an impromptu trip to the Mormon cannery. Exercised a modicum of self control and only came back with a dozen #10 cans of food product. Other people, however, showed no such restraint and several people left with a dozen cases of food..which naturally puts me into the “Hmmm…what do they know that I dont” mindset.

Then finally it was a call to Stag Arms to order an AR-15 for a customer. Fifteen to twenty weeks. Some of their wholesalers may get some sooner and I was told I may wanna order from them. One more note of interest with Stag – they no longer sell AR receivers with a letter saying the receiver was never used on a rifle and can therefore be built as a pistol. “Too much paperwork” I was told. Hmmmm.

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