IOR M2 shooting

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Unless something that isnt supposed to blows up, any day at the range is a good one.

A while back I picked up an IOR M2 scope with the MP9 reticle. I’d b en wanting a magnifying optic for the AR platform and I’ve been pleased with my IOR 10×56 on my .308 and when I found this M2 (calibrated for 62 gr.) for sale used in a pawn shop I couldnt resist.

It takes a little getting used to in the sighting in process. Zeroing the turrets is a novel experience but once you do it, it makes perfect sense. I had a cheapo set of rings laying around so I used them , but I’ll probably get some ARMS rings here when I have the money for it. Once zeroed I shot some very nice 1″ groups at 100 yards with it. Keep in mind this is out of a standard flattop AR..hideous military trigger, barrel is not freefloated, etc. I dialed the BDC to ‘3′ and headed over to the 300 yard range to spank the metal plates and did quite well.

TPIWP, so:


Shooting prone, using my Tactical Tailor bag as a rest…pretty much the way Id shoot out in the field.

Why the optic? Well, I figure the iron sights are just fine for close range, fast shooting but I wanted something with a bit more precision for longer range shooting. I like the notion of being able to hit small objects at relatively long (and safe) distances with fair predictability. Im not always going to feel like dragging the .308 boltgun around but it would be nice to be able to sling the AR and know that I can hit pretty much anything out to 400 yards or so.

Anyway, the IOR optic seems to be what i expected and, thus far, I recommend it.