LDS cannery, linkage

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I haven’t been to the LDS/Mormon cannery in a while.Thus, I haven’t posted anything about the cannery lately. However, just because I haven’t gone lately doesn’t mean I should let the topic fall off the radar. The LDS cannery is probably the single most useful resource anyone who is into preparedness could have. They sell the stuff at cost, which is mighty cheap, and sell it in a form that is designed for long term storage. Remember, you cant just go in and buy stuff off the rack and walk out the door…you have to put in some ’sweat equity’. That means you have to take part in the packaging process which, really, you should do anyway so you’ll know how to do it yourself if the time comes. Maybe you’ll be on the little assembly line slapping labels on the cans, or running the can sealer, or putting the oxygen absorbers in the cans, or some other simple task. But work you shall. And its worth it. It is my understanding the canneries are open to non-members these days so don’t worry that you have to sniff out a Mormon co-worker or golf buddy to get you in the door. Even if its an hour or two drive from you, it’s worth the trip.

Finding a local cannery can be done with this link.
It’s interesting, when it comes to preparedness I think almost entirely in terms of food, money and fuel (in that order). The guns part of the equation has virtually dispappeared. Sure, I still pick up some .22 ammo and that sort of thing, and if a good deal walks in front of me I take advantage of it, but theres virtually no urgency anymore. I dont have everything I want but I do have everything I need. Several layers of redundancy. I can focus on other things, and thats kind of nice.
Speaking of redundancy. Our good friend ,Rawles over at SurvivalBlog boiled it down rather neatly and came up with these guidelines regarding gear, tools and equipment. Not too much in there to argue with.