Glock factory 33-rd. 9mm mags

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I’ve been waiting for one of my vendors to come up with a good deal on the happy little Glock 18 mags. These are the 33-rd round mags for the G18 machinepistol, however they will work just fine in any Glock 9mm…such as your Glock 17, Glock, 19, Glock 26, etc, etc. Also, if you have a gun that takes 9mm Glock mags such as the Kel-Tec carbine, Olympic 9mm AR, etc, etc, they’ll fit them too. These mags will fit in most MP5 mag pouches. They are factory Glock mags, not the crappy Scherer brand mags that you see floating around. No minimum but I have a limited amount of these things. In fact, I’ll be right up front and tell you I have exactly 30 of them. When theyre gone, theyre gone and I can promise you that in addition to death and taxes being lifes certainties (althoguh death doesnt get worse like taxes do) another certainty is that as the election approaches prices are going to go up and availability is gonna go down. If you can see the writing on the wall then you can see these are gonna be great investments as well as being handy for situations where you need alot of firepower or dont have a free hand to reload.
Flat rate of $9 to ship anywhere in the US. Details on the website.