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Im not hugely superstitious, I am a bit minorly superstitious though. Not really sure why. Anyway, ever have a dream that the next day makes you feel extra-cautious? You know, maybe you have a dream that tomorrow is the day L.A. slides into the ocean so the next day you pack a few extra items in your truck, or cancel some plans, or keep an ear glued to the radio “just in case”?

I had a dream last night that was like that but with a nice twist. If you can follow the convoluted description, it was a dream about having a dream. I dreamed that I had a dream where a nuclear device had gone off in some major city, complete with imagined footage of the events and everything. Then, a day after the nuking, there was a tremendous earthquake. In the dream, I woke up and discovered that, sure enough, there had been a terrorist nuking and the footage I was seeing on tv matched exactly the images I had had in my dream. Naturally, since I had dreamed about an event that had come true, the earthquake part that was soon to happen must be true as well, right? So I was furiously trying to grab some gear and get the heck out of dodge before the big quake hit. Of course, no one believed me that a cataclysmic earthquake would occur after we had just been nuked. I recall in the dream cleaning out a lunch counter of all their bottled water, stuffing it in my bag, and urging my companions to do the same. Weird.

These are the kinds of dreams you have when youre into this sort of lifestyle, I suppose. This particular dream doesnt affect me today. I have had ones in the past though that did make me put an extra magazine or two in my pocket before I left the house. More often than end-of-the-world dreams I have shootout dreams. These almost always follow one of several different themes:

    Bulletproof people – I see the bullets hit but they dont go down
    Missing/malfunctioning gun – frantically scrambling around looking for a working gun
    Inadequate firepower – its WW3 and all I have is a 10/22

I’d say that covers most 90% of the ‘gun nightmares’ I have and from what I hear many people have them too. Those are the dreams that are more likely to make me drop one of the 33-rd Glock mags in my bag the next morning.

interestingly, every EOTWAWKI as I know it takes place during the event, never after. There are never dreams about six months, a year, two years after the event in some sort of post-apocalyptic setting. No, its always a frantic, hurried, desperate time of hurling supplies into the truck and yelling “We have to leave NOW!” It’s dreams like that that make me keep all our gear in man-portable containers and weights.

Anyway, just once I’d like to have dreams this vivid about something more pleasant for change….porn actresses, Megan Fox, that sort of thing.