Castle Rock Tactical Discreet Case

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For a while I’ve been wanting a softside case for my AR. Something that would hold the gun and a decent amount of gear to go with it. I was using the Blackhawk Homeland Security case which worked really quite well but still looked somewhat like a gun case (although slapping some ‘Yamaha’ patches on it would have made it look more like the carrying case for a digital keyboard).

As i was cruising the interweb I found a takedown AR case. You break the gun into its two major assemblies and they store securely in the bag along with some mags and ammo. The case is from Castle Rock Tactical and is, at the moment, 20% off according ot the website. My cost, soup to nuts, was $108. One interesting thing about this case is its potential to be free of any suggestion of gunny-ness. The bags have no MOLLE webbing on the exterior to ‘tacticalize’ it, and the colors offered include some pretty non-tactical colors that would make anyone think that the bag contains nothing more than a folding lawn chair, diapers and formula, or some type of tools.

The interior compartment has a divider velcroed to the floor of the bag. The divider keeps the two halves of the AR from banging against each other. Tie downs inside the bag help hold the assemblies in place and keep them from sliding around in the bag. On the interior of each side of the bag is a row of 3 mag pockets and a large utility pocket. My Bushmaster Dissipator, a SpecOps 6 magazine pouch, a couple 20-rders, and a half dozen boxes of 20 rd. .223 fit inside handily.

The case has D rings to attach backpack straps (included) for ease of carrying. Please view the pictures at the link above for more detail.

The advantage to a case like this, in my opinion, is that you can transport your rifle in a compact package that is less likely to draw attention to yourself. If you can afford to stash a rifle somewhere this case would be an excellent way to do it…you could carry it into an office building, past the reception area and put it under your desk and no one would know its there.

Made in USA, on sale, and seems pretty well made. To be fair, I just got the case today so it hasn’t had the chance for the abusive testing I like to give gear, but it looks like it’ll hold up pretty well. Check ‘em out.