Article – No mail order ammo to CA

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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today signed into law a bill that requires buyers of handgun ammunition to leave thumbprints and detailed personal information with registered ammo sellers, as well as put restrictions on online bullet sales.

Not surprised about this. Notice that the moron writing the article uses the term ‘ammunition’ and ‘bullets’ interchangeably. I haven’t read the bill, but I would bet that it says nothing about bringing in bullets, only ammo.

Regardless, if youre in California you’re about to have a very interesting situation. Most folks will, Im sure, simply drive to NV and buy all the ammo they want and bring it back, possibly for a healthy resale. Others may do the smart thing and learn to reload. Of course, the truly smart thing is to move the hell out of California.

But if, for whatever reason, you continue to live in that socialist pit (notice that the big socialist places begin with C and end in A? California, Cuba, China, Canada, etc) spend the $400 and buy yourself an RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Reloading Kit, pick up every scrap of brass you find at the range, stock up on powder and primers, buy some bullet casting or swaging gear, and position yourself to be ahead of this nonsense.

ETA: I emailed the guy who wrote the article telling him his use of bullets/ammunition was making the article murky. His reply:

Thank you for taking the time to write.
As a life-long hunter and gun owner, I’m very familiar with reloading
and the terms associated with each.
However, the overwhelming majority of people who read this aren’t going
to notice (or even care) about the distinction.

Or, put another way, since no one will notice he’s going to be inaccurate and use shoddy style. There’s the hallmark of a good journalist, eh? Reach him here.