Article – What to do when body parts fall off

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The guys at CNN really hit it out of the park when it came to headlining this article. Certainly got my attention.

When I was a kid I got a little careless around a band saw and cut almost halfway through a finger.  Scared the crap out of the shop teacher, lemme tell ya. In retrospect I find it amazing that any public school would put fifteen kids in a room full of ancient powertools and give them only one adult to supervise them.

Anyway, its an interesting article about what your supposed to do when you lop off a body part. We all know we’re s’posed to put the severed part on ice, right? Well…yes and no. The article says why.

I’ve a few friends missing small parts of themselves. In Montana you see a lot of guys who have had farm accidents that put them in the realm of counting in base nine. Or eight. Or seven.  Crom forbid I ever accidentally lose a piece of me butif I do at least now I know not to put it in direct contact with ice.