Kifaru arrival, inline filter

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Man, they make you wait several weeks for that Kifaru gear but, boy, is it nice.  I’d been wanting a pack for hunting that would hold the usual assortment of gear but would also be fairly compact and unobtrusive. I especially like having the top of my back and shoulders unencumbered so I can use a rifle sling with a bit more ease. The pack sits fairly low on the back and has enough room for the usual gear but with the MOLLE webbing I can add pouches as necessary. Im rather a a fan of the flectar camo pattern and the Multicam reminds me of it. You can read the specs and see pictures of it here.


And speaking of gear, a buddy sent me a link to this. In-line filtration systems arent that new, theyve been around for a number of years…mostnotably from CamelBak. The link goes to a post about a new in-line filter that, it seems, is compatible with just about everyone’s hydration system, will purify about 100 gallons, and doesnt require the usual heavy suckage to pull water through it. Interesting product, although Im not sure I would get one. Ive thought about getting inline filters for the CamelBaks before…its a pleasant notion – simply dunk the reservoir into a pool of water and dont worry about purification. For high-speed, low-frag this thing makes sense. My problem is that if I scoop the reservoir through some pond in the sticks somewhere I have contaminated the inside of that reservoir and I cant use it again unless I use the in-line filter or I sanitize and bleach the hell out of the reservoir. I dont find it too onerous to carry a small water purifier so Im not sure if Im onboard with getting one of these. But, as I said, it might make sense to have a dedicated CamelBak for something like this where weight and space are major issues. We’ll see. I need to do more research.