Kerosene is believin’

I love kerosene…safe to handle, safe to store, shelflife that beats the crap out of gasoline, burns hot and is fairly easy to find.

And then, like a sign from the Preparedness Gods, a boon was given unto Zero.

Yea. Verily.

While walking into Home Depot I saw a pyramid made of black 5-gallon drums of kerosene. The sign said : Regular $18.99, Sale $5.00

Thats right kids, a buck a gallon for kerosene. Cheaper than gas, cheaper than milk, and darn near as cheap as bottled water.

I have kerosene lamps, kerosene heater, and my multi-fuel stove can burn kerosene. Needless to say, that pyramid is a bit smaller now, and I of course alerted the other LMI’s so they could get in on the deal.

A. Dollar. A. Gallon.


6 thoughts on “Kerosene is believin’

  1. Was a little low on cash at the moment. Also had to return to base to call the LMI’s and see how much they wanted me to pick up for them.

  2. need fuel?

    check out the site “journey to forever” ( use “goggle”) to find out how to make various “bio-fuels”. Kerosene stores well, but hey like other stuff, when it runs out where will you find it? or just wait until you need to distill your own batch of veggie desiel, just how much one may not know how to make it. hey, don’t forget your fire extingeshers too. Wildflower

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