Zero Experience

Bleah..I dont know what the hell I breathed in but it sure makes ones throat rough.


Sitting here in the shop minding my own business when theres the sound of screeching brakes and the thud of metal. I look out the window and some guy in a truck t-boned a woman in a car. The woman, having had her bell rung quite nicely, continues to try to drive, with her drivers side door crumpled into her lap. Being the Zero, I grabbed the first-aid kit out of the bathroom and bolted. A pedestrian was running alongside the vehicle yelling at the woman to hit the brakes but she wasnt quite coherent. He grabbed the wheel and the car crept to the curb and stopped. I skidded to a halt and took a look. She was an obese woman who was sitting there with what looked like a small cut on her temple and no other signs of trouble. I pulled out a trauma dressing and gently held it to her head and had her hold it there. Went around to the passenger side of the car and opened the door and checked to make sure her feet/legs werent pinned or broken. About this time the usual cellphone activity starts from bystanders. Theres various fluids leaking from the car and one of them must have been noxious because im still coughing. The Human Brakepad, who had steered the car into the curb, reached in and pulled the keys since this gal was still trying to drive. After about four minutes the first ambulance arrives. The guy comes over and asks what happened. I tell him all I know is that she’s ‘out of it’, has a nice cut on her forehead, doesnt appear to be pinned, and that sort of thing. Fire trucks and tow trucks eventually arrive and theyre out there know, as a matter of fact, cleaning up.

No idea what her story is. I usually dont hang around once the cars with revolving lights on the roof show up. Maybe therell be something about it in the paper tomorrow, maybe not. Minimal expenditure on my part in terms of equipment. I’ll grab a couple more dressings out of the bunker and replace the one I used in my first aid kit here at the shop.

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  1. If you’re the first on on the scene and you suspect the driver is legally drunk, and if for any reason the driver leaves the vehicle before the cops get there, stick around and make a report with them, because they need someone who can place the driver in the car. I learned that from a deputy sheriff friend, and it’s the case in CA if not in MT.

  2. a good deed

    can turn into real hell with cops not knowing what part you played in this little drama which can mean arrest and stripsearch for just being another warm body there.besides you might of got blamed later “for causing an accident” by her lawyer. hey, you did do the right thing anyhow! been there myself, Wildflower

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