Japanese holdouts, competition

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What is it with the Japanese and their seeming talent at being the last guy to leave the party? The record for sheer unbridled stubbornness goes to Hiroo Onada who kept fighting World War Two right up into the 1970’s. I’ve no doubt that right now theres a duplex drifting off the coat of Japan with some guy sitting on the roof fishing for his meals and patiently waiting for rescue. These guys just don’t give up.
Went to a shooting match with the missus the other day. It was a steel match, which I have always thought were much more fun than paper, and it made me think about getting back into it. I dabbled in it with some college dorm-mates back in the late ’80s. My only question is what gun to use. I have a very nice 1911 that has all the necessary enhancements, but I also have a G17 thats been tweaked out for that sort of game too. Personally, Id like to shoot the High Power and it would be a great excuse to try and find a GB Competition model. The obvious solution, though, is to take all three guns to the range, run a few drills, and see which one I do best with. The P35 or 1911 would be cheapest to shoot since the Glock would require me to get a new barrel to shoot cast bullets through. Jacketed bullets aint cheap these days but I can get 9mm and .45 lead bullets for $60/1000 so it would make good fiscal sense to shoot them.

I like shooting the courses of fire that they use at these competitions but I dont like the actual competition itself. The competitive part of the game takes some of the fun out of it from me. I’ve always been a very informal shooter in terms of competition. I like the simple “Hey, I’ll bet you lunch I can shoot a tighter group than you can” sort of competitions rather than some huge, official function where thirty people are watching your every move.