Quake rattle n’ roll

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The thunder gods that live in the clouds were displeased and threw their lances of lightning at the ground to drive the evil subterranean spirits back into the bowels of the earth….But it sparked a wildfire and things are smokey around the valley here today.

Wait..that whole thunder gods throwing lighting lances is just silly superstition? And yet I’m seeing posts around the blogosphere saying that the earthquake near DC was the displeasure of some god being visited upon us mortals. Yeah….thunder gods are silly but THAT makes perfect sense.

It’s interesting to see Facebook and Twitter suddenly turn into a stream of “Holy crap! Earthquake!” postings.

I’m waiting for the conspiracy theories to start that Obama knew it was coming and thats why he and his family let town.

Montana isn’t immune to earthquakes…we’ve had a couple big ones in the past and I’ve felt a few small ones in my time here, but generally speaking earthquakes arent too big a concern out here. The most seismically active area around here is, unsurprisingly, down Yellowstone ways.

I have some friends and family back east and I look forward to hearing their reports on what happened.

I’m happy to sit here with my supplies and gear and not need any of it.