Gifties – Pt. I

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Well, birthday season approaches and some gifts have started to magically appear in the hands of my mailman (who is actually a very bitter woman..I call her my femailman…not to her face, of course.)


These two gems arrived today:

These little goodies are a happy alternative to bulky speedloaders. I’ve touched on the subject a time or two (here & here) explaining what I like or dislike about them. Here’s a nice article about them as well. I was quite jazzed about someone finally making these in a size other than .38/.357. While a good quality speedloader (Safariland, HKS) is my first choice for revolver reloads, the speed strips are compact, non-mechanical, relatively cheap, not bulky, and still speed up the reloading process considerably. I’ll be taking these out to the range later this week to try out. If you’re interested in some for yourself, Amazon carries ‘em. ( Tuff Quickstrip Black 6 Round – Pack of 2 (.44/.45/.460 Caliber)

Next goodie was a tiny little 8gb USB drive.( Kingston DataTraveler 108 8 GB Flash Drive DT108/8GBZ ) I usually keep a little USB drive on my keychain since I like to keep certain files handy. For example, I’m always on the lookout for bargains on guns so I keep a scanned FFL and a copy of PS1508 in .pdf with me so I can ship handguns back to myself without paying the exorbitant UPS and FedEx charges. And, of course, it’s a handy way to carry around files to share with my fellow LMI. (Nothing inflammatory or incriminating or needing to be encrypoted…mostly .pdfs of gun manuals, ebooks, that sorta thing.) Anyway, this little drive takes up virtually no space but packs enough memory to handle even a fair amount of video. Handy thing…

My most sincere thanks to the sender of such fine bits of swag. Mighty generous! I love birthdays…especially my own.

Expect a review of the Tuff QuickStrips at some point in a week or so. Gotta go load up some .44 Spl. ammo for the ‘ol S&W M24 and head to the range to give ‘em a workout.