Jerry Ahern passes

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This was brought to my attention by a reader:

Jerry Ahern, novelist, author of nonfiction books and many magazine articles, passed away Tuesday, July 24, 2012. He was well known internationally for his extremely popular “Survivalist” series of novels. Mr. Ahern was a fan of the Detonics line of handguns, so much so that he acted as president of the company, then named Detonics USA, from 2004 to 2007, while it was located in Pendergrass, Georgia.

Yes, I gave Ahern a lot of ribbing about his books but..I read them, which means that even though I thought they were predictable, formulaic, pulp it was fun and entertaining pulp. And, in all seriousness, those books probably influenced me a bit.

I like to think this means he died the perfect survivalists death – well-prepared and never needed any of it.

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