Cannery trip planned

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w00t! At this point it looks like we are on track for a trip to the local LDS cannery in a couple days. My mission (so to speak) this trip is to round out incomplete (“broken”) cases. Since a case holds six cans of product, any quantity of product I have that is not divisible by six gets supplemented. For example, according to my spreadsheet we have 15 cans of sugar. That means there are two full boxes of six cans, and one partial box of three cans (12 + 3 = 15) So, I’ll get three more cans of sugar and that’ll give me a total of 18 cans, or three full boxes of six cans each. Get the idea? I’ve about five different broken cases to top off.

If you’ve never been to an LDS cannery, it’s an awesome place. You know how when you go to CostCo or Sams Club you wonder if people are looking at you funny when you roll up to the register with a cart full of six cases of canned vegetables and five 50# sacks of rice? You wonder if people think you’re weird or something.. At the cannery, if you don’t walk out of there with a hand truck full of cases of canned food they look at you weird.

Prices? Uber-affordable. Matter of fact, here’s a link to their page with .pdf and Excel formats of their order list. Check the prices…good stuff.

There’s no requirement that you be a member of their church (or even a believer in anything). They start the session with a small ‘bow your head and give thanks’ moment, which I usually use to check the laces on my shoes, but other than that the whole thing is completely religion-free. You are, however, expected to put in some sweat equity….you can’t just buy the stuff, you gotta take part in the canning process. You might be asked to run the canning machine, weigh the product as it’s put into cans, put labels on cans, add dessicant to the cans, whatever. I’ts an assembly line where every one gets a role…probably a good thing since it means you gain familiarity with the process of how stuff is canned. That familiarity is handy because they will also let you buy cans and lids to use with their portable can sealer that you can check out for home use. In case you want to can stuff they don’t sell….like ammo.

Anyway, they provide an awesome service and I encourage everyone to check them out. (Locations)  I usually offer to buy lunch for missionaries when I see them wandering/pedalling down the street…it’s my way of saying thanks. It’s this sort of thing that makes Mormons my favorite religious group. (That and their hot women.)