The Walking Dead, new breathable emergency bivvy, export bans?

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Man, the latest episode of The Walking Dead had what everyone has been clamoring for since first season: heroic Davy-Crockett-at-the-Alamo zombie killing. Honorary Superman Cape awarded to Daryl. Cuisinart Medal of Achievement to Michonne.

Static defense is always tough. It’s great to hole up in a fortress, but if youre locked inside that gives everyone outside all the time and space they need to do recon and move in forces. Smart money would be to always have assets outside the wire who can surprise attackers from the rear and lend a hand as needed. Team Rick managed that only by accident.

Note: I have shot Webleys from time to time and they have trigger pulls that are only slightly better than your average staple gun. Kudos to the panicked extra who actually made it look like a smooth DA pull. (Although, really, they probably just CGI’d the muzzle flash. Still, the Webley Mk I just has classic lines. Love the birdshead grip. I had to freezeframe to amke sure it wasnt a Merwin & Hulbert.)


A while back I posted about the AMK Bivvy Sack a nice piece of gear to keep in any kit. Turns out they make an improved version that combats the biggest complaint about the product: moisture. Since it wasnt terribly breathable, it kept humidity/moisture in there with the user. That leads to clamminess which is rather unwelcome. Turns out they have a new version that is breathable (AMK SOL Escape Bivvy ). A step in the right direction, to be sure. What I find even more interesting is that they are going to offer it in a color other than blaze orange…green! So no more looking like a giant orange baked potato. Sometimes you  want that hi-viz color, sometimes you dont. The green ones aren’t available yet (as best I can tell) but I’ll definitely be swapping out my older non-breathable versions for the new ones.


I received an interesting email from someone overseas the other day. He asked if I had heard anything about a magazine export ban. He had been going to his usual sources  and found that they were not shipping internationally. Perhaps there’s some new program or policy review going on? If anyone can shed some light, I’d like to hear about it.