Suppressor advice

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I’ve been wanting a .22 suppressor suitable for use between a 10/22 and a MkII pistol. My criteria is pretty simple:

  • Must be durable
  • Must be as efficient as possible within the other parameters that have been set
  • Usable on pistol or rifle
  • If there are any parts that can/will need replacing, must be user servicable
  • Threaded for the usual 1/2-28

This would be exclusively for .22 LR, not for use on a .223. Price isn’t much of a consideration as long as its a high quality product that works great and lasts a lifetime. Weight is also not much of an issue, although obviously a giant hunk of bronze the size and length of a salami might be a bit too much.

I’m not concerned about body diameter of the tube since the sights on both guns will be mounted pretty high.

Anyone have any suggestiions or, more importantly, some first hand experience? Links to manufacturers models would be appreciated.