The next SIG thing…..

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Picked up a cop gun today. Sig 226 w/ three HydraShock-filled mags. I like cop guns, always a bargain. Theyre the sorority girls of the gun world … cheap and easy to pick up if you have a few bucks.

What I don’t like about cop guns is the way cops tend to neglect their guns. Behold:


Breaks your heart, don’t it? But don’t feel bad. A half hour with some Hoppes #9, brass brush, some dental picks and a buncha elbow grease gave me this:


Clean as can be. No pitting or permanent damage.

I’m not a Sig kinda guy. Really, is there a market for DA/SA autos anymore? But I’ve been wanting a handgun that could be kept at the shop, or in the truck, that I don’t mind losing or relegating to ‘nightstand duty’ where it’s pretty much just going to sit there unused for months or years at a time. And the price was right.

By the way, one of the handiest things I’ve ever found for use when cleaning guns is a cafeteria tray. Keeps everything in one place, catches all the drips and drabs, and cleans up dishwasher safe. Command Zero recommended and approved!