New Terminator movie

It seems that in the world of franchised movies these days there’s the notion of ‘resetting’ the franchise by giving some deus ex machina reason for timelines/history to be altered, thereby allowing sequels that can ignore previous movies. Most notably the last X-Men movie and the last two Star Trek movies. Well, it appears the Terminator franchise is headed in that direction:

I’ll go see it, of course, but from the trailer it simply looks like a mashup of T1 and T2 with some better effects and a virtually completely recast roster..(except for dat vun notable excepshun.)

But, really, who doesn’t wanna go see Arnie rockin’ the flattop and making bad one-liners?

10 thoughts on “New Terminator movie

  1. You’re right, it will probably be pretty cheesy but I’ll definitely see it…it’ll be good entertainment.

    I really like the way Arnold seems to be owning who he is as he gets older. Think about it: he was Mr Olympia six times and youngest ever at 23 (a record he still holds), Hollywood A-lister, he was governor of one of the largest states in the union and he was married to a Kennedy derivative. Nobody’s perfect and he’s certainly got negatives but I think even his detractors have to admit that he’s pretty much checked off every single box any man would ever want to check off. What’s he missing? Astronaut? And he’s still going strong with a sense of humor about it to boot. If I were him I’d be doing exactly what he’s doing: living life to the fullest, enjoying every minute of it and telling anyone who doesn’t like it to f**k off.

  2. Time travel, story re-booting, alternate universe / timelines: nothing new to the Terminator franchise… And I though Star Trek tried to get fancy with alternate universes and time lines… It’s enought to make your head hurt…

  3. I’m also intrigued. The thing is, if this didn’t have Arnold in it, and Terminator in the title, it looks like something you would flip past on the SyFy network.

    Just goes to show you how big those ‘if’s’ are.

    I didn’t realize until I read it somewhere that the actress playing Sarah Connor is the same one who plays Daenerys on Game of Thrones…and it has Matt Smith(a former Dr. Who) and J.K. Simmons in it. Those are positives that help it out.

  4. I was curious if you had seen or heard about the Augmented Reality Game EnKlave ?
    It appears to be aimed at prepper or prepper hopefuls. They just started a kickstarter campaign to try and get their ball rolling after getting out of some early alpha testing. I was thinking about getting involved in the game and thought of you a person that might be interested if you had the time available.

    • My wife, who is far more in tune with new releases than I, might have mentioned something to me about it. Thing is, I’m pretty tied up with my Warcraft addiction so I really don’t have the time to add more gaming crack into my bloodstream.

      • Just wanted to let you know. I am currently playing ingress and it uses up a fair chunk of time if I let it. I think enklave was aimed at current ingress players as the are both augmented reality games.

        • I concur. I started playing Ingress for the “get off the couch” aspect of it and I figured it was a slightly interesting excuse to explore my neighborhood on foot more than I had.

          I stopped playing and quickly deleted the game after I realized I had spent over 30 minutes trying to “take over” a POI in my neighborhood that was “controlled” by someone with the handle of “HughJasshole”. Life’s too short.

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