After a little bit of a spike, silver has dropped back into the low $16 range. While I think the odds of things ever hitting the stage of bartering for your life with a couple Silver Eagles is pretty slim, I still like having a little box full of tubes of them on hand. It’s some sort of primitive lizard-brain thing, but I just like the feeling of having them even if, from a pencil-and-calculator standpoint, it doesn’t make sense.

Speaking of prices going down, it’s been a long time since I saw gasoline for less than $2. I’m no economic expert but, to my uneducated eye, it appears this is a simple price manipulation by the oil producing nations to make domestic oil production economically unfeasible. If they make oil cheap enough, folks will just by it from them rather than dig up North Dakota and Canada. Simple business economics….undercut the other guy. An unfortunate side effect is that all those guys that were making bank out there in NoDak are now fearing for their jobs. A good reason to always tuck a little something aside when youre doing well…you never know how and when the fat times are gonna come to a screeching halt.

One thing prices have not been going down on is food. Meats are pretty high these days. Even buying in bulk it can add up quickly. We’re buying half a beef from a somewhat-local ranch next month and thats been, in our experience, the way to go. It’s the same price per pound regardless of cut…ground beef or t-bone…its all the same. It’s been a good way for us to buy meat but, obviously, you have to have the freezer space to pull it off. My experience, which you can read about if you search through the blog, has been that you can stuff a properly packaged piece of meat into a deep freeze and have it be just fine five years later.

On paper, its tough being a survivalist…you sink a lot of money into things that, arguably, you might never need. I’ve seen guys die with thousands of dollars tied up in things they owned ‘just in case’. The outside observer might think its a waste of money or ‘misallocation of resources’ but there’s a non-tangible benefit. It’s very much the same benefit you achieve from that other ‘waste of money’ – insurance. It buys me peace of mind and a general feeling of security which, in my opinion, does have a financial value. Still, it’s a hard thing, sometimes, to spend money on ‘just in case’ stuff when what you really want is a WarCraft subscription or a new iPad.

Of course, once the zombies rise it’ll be a whole different story and that money will look like a brilliant allocation.

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  1. I agree with you on the meat things. I have meats that are 3-4 years old, including some They were all packed in vacuum sealed bags and still taste fine although the I tend to use them in something with sauces. From the bits that I pick out of the skillet they taste really good.

    As buying bulk meat is difficult unless you buy a quarter or more, I but in bulk from out of WA. I must admit, I buy too much food for one and I’ve got 80# of bacon and 30# of breakfast sausage in the freezers that will be difficult to use unless I go to a get together. That said, I rather have it and not need it…

    I had 40# of chicken breasts that I bought two years ago for about a buck forty and threw 30# of it away as I just didn’t have time to process them. Stuck the whole box in the freezer and kept telling myself, “I’ll do them this weekend” which never happened. Sadly, I still have many portions of chicken thighs in the freezer tight now that need to be processed but are at least laid out in baggies. Again, same excuses and I haven’t the time as I’m on the road a lot. Fortunately they are only a few months old. I’ll get to them this weekend. lol

    You’ve got to vacuum seal your meats or it’s gone in a year due to freezer burn.

  2. When the price of gas / oil falls low, it makes the stocks of energy producing companies cheaper to buy for the arabs and chinese.

  3. Must be a MT thing…I was getting gas as low as $1.75 a gal this past Dec/Jan up and down I-71 and I-75. It’s hovering around $2.16 right now locally.

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