Walking Dead – Shane Was Right Edition

My wife pointed out, after last weeks episode of TWD, that Rick has become Shane. Shane was all about how they needed to do whatever was necessary, that this would not all blow over in a few months, and that the world was going to be a completely different place with different rules and different morals.

And, now, it appears that in Season Five Rick has become what Shane was in Season Two.


fullshaneNow, you could argue that Rick has never killed innocents for the sake of the group, as Shane did when he shot Otis, but in this most recent episode of TWD we see Rick casually saying that if it becomes necessary they’ll just “take” their new sanctuary from its owners. And Rick has, in the past, been less-than-reluctant to let strangers meet a gory demise without helping (which, yes, is not the same as killing them).

But it appears that ol’ Shane may have been ahead of his time in regards to his outlook and attitude.

10 thoughts on “Walking Dead – Shane Was Right Edition

  1. I think the major change was losing the prison. Rick finally came to terms with the fact that for now, you had to become ‘feral’ and kill the person / people who confronted you for whatever reason. Terminus only confirmed it.

    But yeah – Shane’s probably chuckling to himself right about now.

  2. Well – I didn’t get the impression that Rick meant he’d shoot them all to take over. I took that as more of a ‘Well if they can’t run this place the right way, then we’ll just take over and do it.’
    Does anyone really think this place with be a place to relax and worry about growing road-weak? I think this place will turn out as bad as Terminus unless Rick’s character does go Full Shane and start offing people to take over; then it’ll be like Woodbury and he’ll be the new Gov.
    Wouldn’t that be a twist? He and people loyal to him and his ideals stay there in Alexandria, and he’d give anyone who wanted out one chance to bail. Deanna and people loyal to her and her ideals split and head back onto the road… she’d become the new Rick…

    Tell you what though – there’s something going to happen with blondy’s hubby and Rick. He had pissed off jealous asshat all over his voice tenor when Rick walked by… will be interesting to see how these various character paths shape up.

  3. No, I disagree with the Rick/Shane. Carol is just being devious and hiding her skill, Daryl is the closest to Shane. Remember Rick left a Glock in a can, not there this past Sunday.

    The one playing head games is the leader of where they live, and her son and friend. Almost got Sasha killed, tried to punch out Glenn with his friend, they found out that it’s not that easy.

    Ten minutes after a shower, and some hot food, and relaxing for 48 hours she could open the gates for me.

    I think that Rick was saying in his own way, if the inhabitants just want to play at survivor, they will start running the show.

    Can’t blame him, he’s got two kids and no time to play games.

  4. Shane’s inner savage was a little closer to the surface than Rick’s. But he wasn’t as calculating as Rick has proven to be.

  5. You can tell the they are having a hard time with the story line, they went all P.C. with the episode before this. Why does every one need to put a gay story line into thier shows?

    • Well, a couple things…first, theres already a gay person in the show and has been since Season 3 (Tara). Secondly, it does open up new storylines….after all, you now have a presumably conservative-minded priestly type in the group (Father Useless of Our Lady Of Cowardly Snivelling) so theres a chance for some friction there. And, if statistics are to be believed, with 10% of the population identifying as homosexual there’s pretty good odds that someone theyre going to run into putts from the rough. If you really want to examine PC issues, lets see…we have an Asian, a couple blacks, the usual assortment of white people, some rednecks, a buncha heterosexuals, a few homosexuals, and a kid…seems like a fairly accurate representation of what kinda group you’d be in if you threw twenty strangers into a bus.

  6. so, are “we” learning anything in a parallel alternate universe here, or are “we” not?

    • Hmmm. Not sure. You could argue that you can’t learn anything from a fictional show involving an impossible scenario, but at the same time there are certain parallels to real-world possibilities that may have some teaching moments.

      • Yup.
        Rick has the real threat well identified. It’s always the same threat no matter the situation.
        Other People…

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