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Remember the last season episode where right before our crew of intrepid survivors walks into the setup at Terminus Rick is showing Carl how to make a snare to trap game? He explains how the animal is funneled into the trap and is caught before it knows its even in jeopardy. Remember that?


So look at the metaphor in tonights show. The horse has been running around during this crisis and has been surviving just fine. And then…someone tries to reintroduce it to civilization, and once its in the pen behind the fence it gets swarmed and killed by zombies. It was safer outside the confines of the pen, taking its chances with everyone else.

Foreshadow much?

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      • She went FULL retard on that kid.
        Not sure I agree with her handling of that. But then again, when Floki in Vikings did it to the little boy he gave the mushrooms to, I was giggling at how wrongly awesome it was.

        I love that she’s playing possum. “Best thing for me here? I can be invisible again…”

        There’s only 3 episodes left 🙁 Things are going to get crazy, quickly.

  1. So what your trying to say is that Alexandria might just be a big pen. Might just be!!!! Every storyline on WD seems to lay the background for where the show is going a season or two down the road, just not the next episode. Sometimes it takes a season or more to play out and come back around, just like the comparison to the snare.

  2. Yeah. TWD is subtle like a brick to the forehead. It can be a fun show, but a thinking man’s show it is not.

    • Peter, we responded to the thread didn’t we? Maybe the show isn’t as classy as you’d like, but it’s fun after watching the Fearless Leader.

    • Not a thinking man’s show?
      Hmm – I think I disagree, even though I’m far from a thinking man 🙂

      Tell me what you made of symbolism of the A on Rick’s hand?
      Can you remember the last few times Rick has been around the letter A; in red? I can give hints if needed.
      What of the W on the walker’s forehead? Who put it there? Was it there before he turned, or after? Was that one of the exiles Deanna mentioned?
      What is the significance of the J on the now-missing 9mm from the blender?
      Who took the pistol from the blender?
      What do you think Rick was thinking/going through when he was wall-handing the walker on the other side at end of the last episode?

      Granted they’re one or two level deep topics, but the show still offers up enough content, twists and possible plot paths that we have no end of fun discussing them at work 🙂

      • When I saw the A I couldn’t help but think of Nathaniel Hawthorne, and next thing you know Rick is going right along with THAT metaphor.

        I also wondered if the W wasn’t actually an M.

  3. AH darn – I forgot the tree symbols – what are they for? Who put them there? Why? Why does Martin seem to know to follow them?

    And btw – where the hell IS he anyway?

  4. I’m concerned about the alphabet symbolism.

    I think the J on the Glock served no purpose other than as an identifier so that when the gun turns up later in an odd place, we’ll know it was the same gun and that will be a crucial plot element.

    The W on the walkers forehead and the handstamped A’s (Alexandria?) are what really puzzle me. Supposedly three men were exiled. Were they branded in some way before they left? Could the W be an identifier of a rival group that the A’s defeated/absorbed? Could the W marking be some way of identifying captured/weapoized walkers (a la the walker truck bomb at the prison)? Escaped experimental subjects?

    Serious upgrade in firepower in the last few episodes. We’ve gone from hunting rifles and shotguns to full auto AK’s and AR’s to suppressed HK’s and M4’s with all the tacticool toys.

    Also, regarding the wall around Alexandria; really, wouldnt you have had the bracing on the INSIDE rather than the outside?

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