Guns – Non-NFA 14″ bbl. shotgun?

So I ran across this the other day. It is, if the owner is to be believed, a clever attempt to stick to the letter of the law. As you and I know, a shotgun has to have a barrel of at least 18″ or its considered a short-barreled shotgun and subject to NFA stupidity. But, according to ATF, if the shotgun left the factory with a pistol grip stock then it is not considered a shotgun (because ATF defines a shotgun as having had (or been designed to have) a shoulder stock) and since it isnt a shotgun it doesn’t have a barrel length restriction. Nor does it count as a handgun, by the way. It’s simply “other”….but it has to fit ATF’s 26” envelope for overall length or it becomes ‘readily concealable’ and is then subject to federal buffoonery.

So, in theory, if you want a short little stubby shotgun without a shoulder stock you could do it without the paperwork as long as its built up on a gun that came from the factory with a pistol grip.

Here’s the sellers statement about it.

I admit, this thing looks wildly impractical but fun.

5 thoughts on “Guns – Non-NFA 14″ bbl. shotgun?

  1. Weird? Makes you wonder when things go bump in the night. Although with a sling, maybe NOT that bad.

  2. Nope. Draws too much attention. I prefer grey man style. I would bet every cop in my state would wet himself/herself while they were saying “let the judge sort it out”.

  3. They look neat but I haven’t had the best experiences with shotties that had a pistol grip on them. I understand folks like them but I look at them and think “wrist destroyer”. (And owie, pain, etc.) 🙂

    • My experience with pistol grip shotguns has been to use the Pachmyer Decelerator pistol grip and dont shoot 3″ mags.

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