Art – It’s the apocalypse, Charlie Brown!

I came across this while scouring the internet for new header artwork. It’s kind of amusing and sad at the same time. Snoopy looks like he’s seen things, man.

it_s_the_apocalypse_charlie_brown__by_seane-d8jzl4jLast blockhead standing, I guess.

On the other hand, a more…violent…and adult version can be found as ‘Weapon Brown‘. (And if you’re not really a ‘Peanuts’ kinda guy..don’t worry..there’s a weaponized version of other comic favorites).

11 thoughts on “Art – It’s the apocalypse, Charlie Brown!

  1. Not related to Snoopy but I saw Midway had CCI Quiet 22 LR available yesterday at a ‘relatively’ decent price, not sure if you are still looking, but thought I would let you know. I bought a couple of boxes and if you add something inexpensive, like the 4 dollar credit card/wallet tool, it makes the shipping reasonable. It is all relative though I reckon.

  2. Yup Charles has aged a bit. Weathered. Seasoned.
    Snoop has seen things for sure. Eaten and done things a dog wouldn’t be asked to do normally, too.
    He’s got some riding goggles so either they have transport, or the winds kick up some bad dust now and again.
    Charlie’s rifle is kitted up for looks like long ranged stealth engagements. I don’t’ see any close in arms, or weapons to use, unless he’s got a wicked arm for that football.

    Reminds me of this Burt and Ernie pic I found.

  3. Didn’t know who to feel the sorriest for, the guy, or dog. The rifle has seen better days, looks like a M1 in a way.

  4. Reminds me of one of my favorite stories by Harlan Ellison – “A Boy and His Dog.”

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