Those OD space blankets are back at $10.01

You guys remember this post?

Quite a few people managed to snag some of the OD space blankets at the $10.01 price before weird pricing algorithms started jerking the price up. Well, it appears theyre back at the older $10.01 price…for now. So if you missed out last time, here’s another chance. The price in the link below says, at the moment, $18 but click on the link and follow it to Amazon and the OD version is $10.01…for now. From the original post:

The hooded, pocketed, olive-drab, “blanket” has been rather heavily discounted at Amazon. Knocked down from $18 to $10. Get ’em while they’re cheap. Excellent for use as intended, but also good for expedient waterproof overhead cover, dry spot to sit your ass, etc, etc. Far superior than those stupid, flimsy mylar foil sheets. Heres the link:

4 thoughts on “Those OD space blankets are back at $10.01

    • That is a different product than what Mr. Zero was referring to. The olive drab ones he was talking about have almost a ‘tarp’ feel to them, and have hoods and pockets for your hands to keep them around you better, as well as grommets at the 4 corners so you can tie it up if you wanted to.

      I’ll be buying more.

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