Lifestraws on Amazon for $16

Hmmm…I was trolling around Amazon looking at my Wish List and noticed that the Lifestraws, which are usually a good deal when on sale at $20 ea, are down to $15.99 each.A quick search shows that even when you buy them in packages of 10 you’re still looking at around $17-18 each. This is pretty much the cheapest I’ve ever seen ’em at.20150322_180734I’ve been liking these for keeping in emergency bags, in the truck bag, etc, etc. Individually sealed and cheap enough to buy a half dozen at a time. They’re rated for around 264 gallons of water, which, at three gallons per day, means that you could, theoretically, use it for almost 90 days. I’ll settle for a long weekend. At that price I’ll just throw it away after one crisis and have a new, sealed one for the next. And when you’re in the grips of water-borne digestive distress you’re gonna think “Man, it’d be worth sixteen bucks to not  have to spend all day sprinting to the bathroom.”

While supplies last……

3 thoughts on “Lifestraws on Amazon for $16

  1. In for eight. The state of my water preps has been on my mind a lot more lately. Thanks for the heads-up!

  2. I prefer the Sawyer Mini. It’s half the size, smaller 0.1 micron filtering(versus 0.2), can screw onto a water bottle or fit inline on a water bladder hose, same price $18-20 each or 4 for $70, uses a syringe for back flushing rather than blowing into it, and comes with a small water pouch/bottle. The 100,000 gallon rating does seem very optimistic.

    I’ve used the full size Sawyer hiking for two years, they do clog easily(after 3 or 4 gallons they slow down considerably) if you filter sediment rich water, easily fixed by pre filtering into a container with a bandana or tshirt. I’ve filtered several hundred gallons of water with one, still works great.

  3. I ordered two more to go with the one I have already to augment bags in my car. I do have a Sawyer as well. I have yet to test either system yet myself, so with the extra ones on the way, I might pull my first lifestraw out and give it a test.

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