Craigslist wishful thinking

Someday Im gonna have one of these.

1972 Toyota FJ 40 Landcruiser , orig. 6 cyl. , 3 speed manual trans. , new leaf springs and shocks with grease-able shackles front and rear , power steering , Warn hubs , new water pump , new thermostat , new master cyl. , rebuilt radiator , newer soft top in excellent condition ! Original toolkit and jack , new wheels with BFG All Terrain tires and spare , custom heavy duty front and rear bumpers , this is a very clean FJ 40 ! Also comes with a 4 speed manual trans. , orig. steering wheel , Summer top and a few other parts . Come and take a look , you wont be disappointed ! $ 13,500 obo – call

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  1. Check out this guy on MN Craig’s List. He has an ’89 diesel Hilux and wants $30k for it!

    1989 Toyota Hilux SSR 1/2 ton pickup (double-cab)

    100% Legal and imported with Minnesota Title!!! There are probably only a handful that ever meet US soil. This is an extremely Rare Find!!

    2.8L Diesel, 5-spd manual, solid front axle, fully box-welded frame (from the factory) gear-driven t-case, manual locking hubs, AC, power steering & Webasto TSL-17 pre-heater. 148,000km (It had 42,000km when I picked it up in Japan).

    Considered by some to be the best model Hilux produced. This rugged and reliable truck has been my daily driver for years. It is bone-stock and un-molested, which means it’s reliability has not been compromised. To ensure that it lasts a good long time a Webasto TSL-17 coolant pre-heater was installed as soon as it arrived from Japan, which means that it has not had to deal with cold winter starts. The pre-heater is fully programmable and pre-heats the engine before starting which greatly reduces wear on the engine. Rims are Landcruiser 70-series with brand new BFGoodrich All-Terrains (bought in May, maybe 2,000km on them). Windshield and factory windshield molding are new within the past month, injection pump was inspected and re-sealed by GCL Injection, so it’s safe to run bio-diesel without worrying about the seals disintegrating. A lot of maintenance has been done (replaced timing belt, rad hoses, thermostat, alternator, voltage regulator, exhaust, brakes, axle seals, t-case seals, re-packed wheel bearings, converted AC coolant etc etc).

    The truck has been meticulously maintained, is mechanically rock-solid and drives beautifully. It has been driven as it was intended, down gravel roads through some remote parts of Alberta and BC to get in and out of camp sites, but it has never been an “off-road rig”, so it’s never seen a mud hole, and never been abused. The paint is not perfect, it’s got quite a few rock chips, and a couple of door dings. The box has had camping gear and firewood in it, and it’s scratched up (a spray in box-liner would be nice) but it’s not rusty at all. There are a few minor paint bubbles along the edge of the front fenders where fender flares were attached. The paint on the roof and hood is fading. Interior is very clean. Some of the window trim rubber on the sides has shrunk and cracked.

    Yes thats correct $30,000 so please dont call to give me a lower offer. Im ABSOLUTELY FIRM!

    Please Serious inquiries only. Price is Firm! Please call Ryan 612-643-1696

  2. Thanks for the link. I sent it to my wife for further investigation. It’s about five miles from here. Always wanted one.

  3. I got a wild hair about the Honda Element some time ago, the cargo interior urethane floor just got my inner BOV / Camper vehicle thoughts flowing. Those Landcruisers are bad ass, but parts have a little difficult to locate.

  4. I bought a new FJ40 in 1976. Paid about $3800 for it if I remember correctly. It was one of the most primitive vehicles I’ve ever struggled with. 4 wheel drum brakes without self adjusters, solid lifters that needed adjustment about every 20k miles, 70s vintage emission control system that pinged, ran on after shutdown, backfired and delivered maybe 12 miles to the gallon downhill with a tailwind. Yeah the vehicle would climb up the side of a brick wall, but keeping it maintained and running well was a real challenge. If I still had the car today I’d drop in a 350, put a set of disc brakes in, and call it good.

    • I would think about swapping in a VW TDI instead of that v8. It seems to be a popular engine for swapping. Huge power gains available, if wanted, plus good fuel mileage. I’d consider it for a Ford Ranger 4×4, but CA makes it near impossible. F’ing CARB bureaucrats…

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