Range day

Took someone from CrossFit to the range the other day. Took abut a dozen different guns. Everything from .22 to .45. And, as always seems to be the case, what was the most flat-out enjoyment achieved with? The lowly, inexpensive, .22 LR.

We had been shooting the Remington Subsonic at 50 yards and it was okay, but I switched over to standard velocity CCI, which still managed to be subsonic, and groups tightened considerably. Me and my guest both managed to shoot five-shot groups you could cover with a dime.


The gun in question was the Savage FS-VR, a rifle I am developing a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for. However, while the AccuTrigger was awesome, the factory stock wasn’t even worthy of putting on an airgun. I swapped it out for the Boyds Tacticool (now called Pro Varmint) and slapped a Nikon P-22 w/ BDC reticle on top of the rail. So, yeah, I sank north of $400 onto a $200 rifle. (Almost a grand if you include the suppressor and paperwork). But, for five shots, we get this…

20150426_144705I need to back it out to 100-yd and see how it shoots. Problem with the subsonic stuff is you get these rainbow trajectories that can make things….tricky. Also, those suppressors really dirty up a barrel….seemed like there was more unburnt powder or debris in the barrel after shooting with the suppressor than without. Still, awesome fun.

7 thoughts on “Range day

  1. Was this a first-time shooter? If so, it could make for an interesting post about how you personally go about introducing the uninitiated to the friendly world of firearms.

    • Not a first time shooter. Just a very casual shooter whose experience was limited to a couple handguns and a few rifles. Kinda broadened his experiences and punched up his resume a bit.

  2. Can you do a crossfit update, please. I started working out lately and would like to hear someone else’s thoughts on being new at working out and how its going.

    • Will get around to one soon. Most folks get really turned off by that sorta thing so maybe I’ll segue it onto an upcoming post. Hows it going for you?

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