20 thoughts on “Ode to my Glock

  1. Beretta is the king for me,
    Open slide, sexy as can be
    Old world italian, classic you see
    Just like my boy Machiavelli

  2. (Ignoring the fact that “king” was a typo for “kind” . . .)

    Italian babes are sleek and fine,
    Their charm and beauty blow your mind –
    But I am part of a smaller faction.
    Gimme that old-time single action!

  3. Rack to fire
    Alas too slow,
    Single action only
    For me is no go.

    If in combat
    As in love,
    Action both ways
    Fits like a glove.

  4. “Rack,” you say? It’s never done;
    I carry in Condition One.
    Completely safe yet quick to use
    Should crime my life to darken choose.

    I’ll admit, a double-action’s sweet –
    My little Ruger can’t be beat.
    P89, in dark blue steel,
    But I still love that Browning’s feel.

  5. With John B’s glory, experience I have not,
    Range time with, I’d love to chalk.
    Until then, with Pietro I will ne’er,
    Fall fashion victim to a lump of Glock.

  6. All us holy Mormon boys
    Love to shoot John Browning’s toys.
    If we ever gets to Texas,
    We’ll bring the HiPower, if you’ll lets us.

    (OK, that one was a little weak. )

  7. i think i’ll get johns poem on my G20

    for the rest of this thred i’ll have to put it on a colt double eagle or something.

  8. I already speak Italian, you see,
    ‘Twas the land of my mission at age 23
    Gun ownership is frowned upon there,
    But their gun manufacture is beyond compare!

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