Article – ‘This is the month it will all happen’: Some Mormons are cleaning out Utah stores in preparation for a September Doomsday

Fasten your seatbelts, if some Mormons are right, it’s going to be a bumpy September.

A perfect storm of Bible prophecies, the Hebrew calendar, the stock market jitters, a blood moon, and an author who claims to have had a near-death experience are all convincing plenty of Utah Mormons that the end is near, reportsĀ The Salt Lake Tribune.

A store in American Fork, Utah that sells freeze-dried goods says that business has skyrocketed in the past couple of months.

Dude, any month could be the month the world comes to an end. Doesn’t matter whether its the bible, chicken bones, a magic 8-ball, or Miss Cleo….unless you’re the guy with your finger on the Big Red Button no one can really predict the end of the world. Oh, you can predict some lesser problems…hurricanes, floods, blizzards, and even some wars and famines….but Ragnarok? Nope.

And this is why it’s just good sense to be as prepared as possible. The end of the world wasn’t yesterday, and it’s probably not today, but it is certainly sometime tomorrow or later.

8 thoughts on “Article – ‘This is the month it will all happen’: Some Mormons are cleaning out Utah stores in preparation for a September Doomsday

  1. If I had a survivalist-themed bar (and God willing, one day I will), I would have a sign behind the bar that reads “It’s always Doomsday somewhere.”

    • That should be subheading for this blo…”Notes From The Bunker: It’s Always Doomsday Somewhere”

  2. I agree with you that no one can predict “The End”. By “No One” I mean no human. But there is one means of prognostication that has stood the test of time. Thousands can confirm that the Magic 8-Ball has an uncanny way of predicting future events. By-the-way, I consulted that spherical diviner and the S does not HTF in September. We can relax.

    If anyone wishes to varify my findings and at the same time provide your family with a wholesome dinner, by all means consult chicken bones.

    • I can!!!

      I predict that on September 18, 2135 every person living on Earth today will be dead!!!

      Just saying!!!!!!

  3. My Magic 8-Ball says October may be a good time to pick up cheap survival food and equipment. šŸ˜‰

  4. “Part” of the issue may be the fact that “Madison Ave” has also made this Preparedness Month and posted some excellent sales. I may look like a “Doomer Kook” if someone were to look at my purchases this month, however it is all part of my “retirement financial plan”. Moving tomorrows costs to today. Things are not getting any cheaper. Interest rates are poised to get increased soon. Obvious inflation to follow.

    Stay informed and make your own decisions on what’s best for you. DON”T follow the herd!

  5. I’m not surprised there is increased activity…Mark Armstrong (Pi-cycle) day is coming up (Oct 7).

  6. Well crap…just crap. I read the title and headed out the door..I’ve been digging up y2k stuff for 3 days now. Just made back in to read the whole post dang it…..oh well time to rotate anyhow. Now which bucket has them twinkies?

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